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Summer Pre-College

Zoe BZoe B. - Simsbury, CT - High School Senior

Zoe heard about the pre-college program because her sister is, in fact, a rising sophomore here at Skidmore. Zoe explained that, since she and her family have spent time here, she knows that “the campus is beautiful” and that “the people are really awesome.” Zoe was excited about the prospect of earning college credit while still in high school. She went on to explain that her favorite thing about the program is “definitely the people” who she “will probably be friends with for my entire life.” Zoe is taking Color and Visual Concepts: Life Drawing Emphasis, the latter being her favorite, but they’re both “really fun!” Outside of class Zoe loves dance, cross country running and skiing. She also loves music because “It’s something I can blow off steam with. It’s a lot of fun and it brings people together.” Zoe’s fondest memory of the pre-college program is “countless late-night dance parties with my friends in the art studio!”