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2004 Updates



5/04 Amanda Schweder ('95) returned to Saratoga to marry Nathan Guyer ('95) at the National Dance Museum. One of the bridesmaids was Anna (Nelson) Peterson ('94). Pictured here are the two former students and their thesis advisor.







5/04 Sharon (Bushman) Lango ('96) wrote to let us know that she and her husband (Craig) are the proud parents of Ian. Sharon works as a web administrator and she lives an hour outside Boston.

Bushman family

5/04 Stephanie Mahon ('03) lives in Brooklyn with her Skidmore roommate. She's working at a very small, really high-end skincare company in Soho, where she does marketing and customer development.

7/04 Lisa Korenman ('97) sent along a recent publication: Korenman, L. & Peynircioglu, Z. F. (2004). The role of familiarity in episodic memory and metmemory for music. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 30, 917-922.

7/04 Jen Gross ('04) writes that she's going to be working as a residential counselor for 18-22 year olds in Natick MA.

7/04 Eric Prensky ('97) writes that he's working as the Health Psychology intern at the Jesse Brown VA in Chicago. He's defended his dissertation, so the end is in sight for Eric.

7/04 Elizabeth Mitchell ('01) writes: "I just wanted to let you know that I found a position as a data analyst/ research assistant at the Division of Functional Brain Mapping at the New York Psychiatric Institute of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. I work in a PET lab a few times a week pipetting plasma and the other days, I map and draw regions on PET scans and MRI's."

7/04 Crystal Meyer ('02) writes: "I'm still at Penn State working to get my degree in speech-language pathology. I have one more year left - it's been a tough program, but definitely rewarding. I absolutely LOVE the field - hands down, a great match for me. I'm finding my psychology background to be extremely helpful in many ways. My final research paper will be a lit review looking at studies that have examined the relationship between stuttering and social phobia. It's neat to be able to combine my two areas of interest. It's also a nice change of pace to be at a huge university compared to a small liberal arts college. I have to say there is something to be said about the education and community atmosphere you get in a small school. I do have a soft spot for both Skidmore and Saratoga Springs."


7/04 Michelle Harriman ('98) writes: "Wanted to share the news with you all: I've completed the final hurdle necessary to obtain my license to practice clinical psychology (I passed the final exam, the CA Jurisprudence, for those of you more familiar with the process). So I'm waiting to hear from the Board of Psychology with my license number." Congratulations Michelle!

8/04 Sarah Brink ('04) writes that she's found a position in human resources with Carat USA in NYC.

8/04 Margaret Gavian ('98) writes "I'm just wrapping up my Master's from Saybrook Graduate School - a distant learning humanistic program - that I've been doing part-time while working full time.  I'm still working at the same place I have been for the last 4 years - The Center for Mind-Body Medicine here in my hometown (Washington, DC).  Saybrook was a great experience - I've loved the curriculum and the open-mindedness of the community & professors, though I've discovered distant learning is not for me.  I'm craving  classroom interaction and structure and really being 100% IN school.  So, I've decided to finish with my Master's at Saybrook.  In this coming year I'm going to apply to full-time doctorate programs, hopefully for Fall 2005 entry.


The past few years I've been learning a lot and having some great experiences at my job.  I've been administrating training programs in MindBodySpirit medicine (meditation, journaling, guided imagery, movement, biofeedback, etc.) for health and mental health professionals working in areas affected by war and terrorism.  I've been to Kosovo twice, Israel and Gaza twice, did a workshop with NYC Firefighters and their families after 9/11 and now we're beginning work in Liberia.  Come to find out that trauma and PTSD is what excites me - as well as international travel.  My master's thesis was From Trauma to Transformation: Posttraumatic Growth as a Model for Global Healing.  Fun stuff."

8/04 Chad Snow ('97) writes that he's about to complete his PhD in Social Psychology at USC. He's been working with Steve Read, and has an article that has been recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (The Redux of Cognitive Consistency Theories: Evidence Judgments by Constraint Satisfaction. Simon, Dan; Snow, Chadwick J.; Read, Stephen J.; Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, Vol 86(6), Jun 2004. pp. 814-837). He writes, "Our basic line of research deals with how people process information and arrive at decisions.  My dissertation is related to this.  As you may recall from my senior research project at Skidmore looking at the relationship between music and religion, I like to tackle big questions.  So, my quals, which I'm now working on publishing, and my dissertation are offering a revised interpretation of Cognitive Dissonance.  I'm trying to show that dissonance is not always a bad guy.  It's often a preferred state and in fact is a necessary experience, without which we couldn't survive.  I won't get into it over email, but in a nutshell, if you accept the research that's been done on "optimal arousal" theory, it becomes clear that the experience of inconsistency is vital to maintaining optimal arousal.  I actually begin my argument with some fundamental examples from perception regarding what happens in a homogenous "consonant" environment.  You didn't think that I forgot your white-plastic-spoons-over-the-eyes classroom activity did you ;)" In addition to his graduate school work, Chad has also been working at eHarmony.com.

9/04 Stephanie Ehrman ('98) writes that she completed her doctorate at Fordham (doing her internship in Arizona). She is now Director of the Extended Day Clinic at the Mid-Fairfield Child Guidance Center in Norwalk, CT. Stephanie says, "I am so happy and really enjoy my work.  I love working with the kids and families 5 days a week and it is both challenging and fun to supervise the staff."

9/04 Eric Rosenfield ('02) has moved to KS with his girlfriend (Megan). He's just accepted a position as Executive Recruiter in a Human Resources firm.

9/04 Debra Kamin ('04) writes that she's working as an intern at Variety. She heads off to Israel in December.

9/04 Noa Glick ('04) writes from Philadelphia where she's "working as an clinical worker/administrative assistant at the Renfrew Center; a center that primarily works with women and girls with eating disorders. I am working really closely with the Intensive Out Patient (IOP) program while organizing office accounting and management. IOP is a program that run three nights a week in which the clients come for dinner and approx 2 hours of group therapy. What I am finding most fascinating are the group sessions which I sit in on as well as the 'behind the scene' parts of the program of which I am often in charge." Noa is thinking of pursuing a Psy.D. program.

9/04 Annica Larsen ('01) writes that she's enjoying her time in Washington, DC, where she's in grad school and serving as Staff Assistant to the Chair of the Government Department at American University. She was able to get away to Saratoga for a brief visit in August and also went out to Minnesota to visit her family this summer (6 nieces and nephews!).

9/04 Jen Gross ('04) has just moved to Brighton MA, where she's living with a couple of Skidmore alums. She writes that in her new job "we have 4 clients in a 6-bed house, but we're supposed to be getting a 5th within the next few weeks. It's quite interesting - coed, 18-22 year olds, and a whole host of mental health issues - schizophrenia, borderline, ADHD, ODD, bipolar - you name it, it's there."

9/04 Katy Michos ('00) writes that she came up to Saratoga a couple of times this summer, where she managed to win big at the track! She's beginning to work on her thesis this year. Katy writes, "Currently, I am working at a health psychology site for my internship where I assess for depression, anxiety, and PTSD with patients who have just gotten heart surgery.  I also see patients through my supervisor/professor's practice, which is connected to the hospital. "

9/04 Liz Mobayed ('03) writes from London that she's managed to find employment at the National Treatment Agency, the branch of the National Health Service that deals with drug addiction and rehabilitation. Liz writes that she "is part of the research team, and already the work is very interesting! I have been working directly with some of the data, and it feels pretty neat to know that my work is going into a real government report!"

Sargent 1 Sargent 2

10/04 Jen Toran Sargent ('97) gave birth to twins on 9/17 (Ada Ruth and Jacob Daniel).

10/04 Sarah Boyne ('03) writes that she is living quite happily in Portland, Maine. She is working at the psychiatry department for Maine Medical Center as an admitting representative. She is in the process of applying for a MS program at USM to become a psychiatric nurse.

10/04 Missy Heins ('03) writes that she is teaching preschool and coaching gymnastics on Long Island, though she is in the process of moving to Chicago.

10/04 Andrea Konig ('98) writes "Since I graduated from Skidmore in '98 I moved to Baltimore, Md. where I received a Master's in Clinical Psychology (Research Track) from Loyola college. Now finally, I am in a Doctoral program! I am currently in my first semester in the Clinical PhD (Behavorial Medicine) program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond...Currently, I am working with a professor at VCU who specializes in psychophysiology and emotion as well as anxiety disorders. I am currently developing a dissertation project integrating Lang's bioinformational theory and Pennebaker's writing paradigm to look at the impact of emotional disclosure on health...Ironically, one of my classmates is from Skidmore. Her name is Sarah (Meshberg) Cohen. It's definitely a small world!"

10/04 Molly Maxfield ('99) writes that she's pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Geropsychology at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She presented her first poster at the APA meetings in Hawaii this summer.

11/04 Stephanie Dennington ('04) writes that she's doing well in her elementary education program at Lesley University. She wrote, in part, to talk about a children's book that used negative color afterimages. Stephanie says, "I am student teaching in a kindergarten class this semester and I love it.  I am taking classes at night and even some on weekends so I can finish it all by June or July.  Next semester I'll be in a first grade placement so that should be exciting too.  I can't wait to have my own classroom!"

11/04 Jenna Ahearn ('03) writes that she's now working for People magazine in their advertising sales department. She continues to enjoy living and working in NYC.

11/04 Adoria Tudor ('04) says, "I am working at an insurance agency now and interviewing for management training programs with various corporations. I think it's the best thing for me right now to explore the real world and see what it's like outside of the academic arena. I like this city though, so I'm planning on sticking around Boston for a while."

12/04 Lisa Elisofon ('96) teaches French at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, MD. She sounds really happy in her position there, which makes extensive use of laptops/tablets and the internet.

12/04 Karla Runquist ('04) writes that she backpacked around Europe with her boyfriend and is now back in Maine where she's working in daycare, as well as taking courses.

12/04 Steve Schoenfeld ('04) writes, "I accepted a position last monday to work as a research assistant in the pediatric psychopharacology unit at Mass General." He seems to enjoy living in the Boston area and is excited about his new position.