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2007 Updates

2/07 Brooke Miller ('99) has a new publication: Miller, B. et al. (2007). Circadian and CLOCK-controlled regulation of the mouse transcriptome and cell proliferation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 104, 3342-3347.

BT Simon

1/07 Katy Kimer ('95) and Lawry Simon ('96) are the proud parents of Sarah's brother Benjamin Teller Simon (1/24/07). Rumor has it that they may move eastward (PA), providing greater opportunities to visit with these alums and future Skidmore students.


3/07 Micah Alpern ('98) is the lead designer for Yahoo Answers. You can learn more about Micah at his web site.

3/07 Jennifer Pittman Clarke ('93) is an Assistant Research Professor in the Duke University Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics.

3/07 Alyssa Porter ('00) and Ryan Griffin welcome their son, Cian Charles Griffin (see here with their puppy Quinn).


3/07 Kevin DeSimone ('03) has a new publication: Sabine Kastner, Kevin DeSimone, Christina S Konen, Sara M Szczepanski, Kevin S Weiner, and Keith A. Schneider (2007). Topographic Maps in Human Frontal Cortex Revealed in Memory-Guided Saccade and Spatial Working Memory Tasks J Neurophysiol (March 14, 2007).

3/07 Kristie Weibust ('05) writes that she's been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

3/07 Molly Maxfield ('99) was in town for a visit. She's enjoying her program at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, especially the research she's conducting. Molly is looking forward to her internship, which may bring her back to the East Coast.

4/07 Mike Breus ('91) has been busy since getting his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia. His specialties are sleep disorders and neuropsychological testing. He has recently published his first book, GOOD NIGHT: The Sleep Doctor's 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health (Dutton/Penguin, 2006). You can learn more about Mike's work at his web site.

4/07 Dan Slippen ('97) is the proud father of Grant Henry Slippen (4/3/07).


4/07 Kaarin Anderson Ryan ('90) received her Ph.D. from SUNY Stony Brook and is now the clinical supervisor at Positive Behavior Support Consulting, where her "research and clinical interests include friendship development and social inclusion, positive behavior support, person centered planning, and broad lifestyle change."

5/07 Erin Mulrane ('05) writes that she's completed her master's degree at NYU and is "getting more involved at my local Women's Center where I already volunteer on the domestic violence/sexual assault hotline."

7/07 Phillipa Allebon ('04) writes that she's been working as "a teacher/ behavioral therapist at the Jacksonville School for Children with Autism. I do one-on-one therapy with two students, 7 and 12 years old, using mainly ABA and verbal behavior." In September she begins a research position at the Mayo Clinic there.

8/07 Danie King ('07) writes that she's settled into her graduate program and will be taking perception and statistics in her first semester. She's also engaged in research on laterality, some of which will involve working with a split-brain patient.

8/07 Sharon Bushman Lango ('96) and her family have moved back to the Saratoga Springs area (Clifton Park). She will be working for Nuculus Solutions.

8/07 Ian Connole ('06) writes "Since graduation I've directed youth sports camps in Boston, lived in Brookline and the North End of Boston, and also driven cross country to visit friends, family and grad schools. I also coached high school track at the Winsor school in Boston...I'm now at Cal State Fullerton in the Kinesiology masters program studying sport psychology/performance enhancement. I couldn't be happier. The masters program for sport psychology here is stellar. I am extremely excited to be working closely with Ken Ravizza."

9/07 Zeynep Turmen ('04) writes that she's about to become a mother. She's also recently changed jobs, working for both UNICEF and ICC (International Child Center) a previously French Organisation and now located and partnered with Bilkent University.

9/07 Caroline Golden ('07) stopped by for a visit on her way to Spain, where she will be teaching English to Spanish high school students.

9/07 Jeremy Borer ('01) writes that he's hard at work creating a new band called Before Balance. His "Letters Lost" music has been finding its way onto some great TV shows (e.g., Ghost Whisperer). Jeremy says that "If you don't have the Letters Lost music or just need a re-fresh to know what "Want You Now" "Eastern European Girls" and "Wish" sound like, you can download a few songs on my site JeremyBorer.com or if you need the whole album, download it for free at Evanparness.com/letterslost.html" Go to Jeremy's site for more info on his life.

9/07 Dinha Kaplan Siegel ('96) has given birth to a daughter (8/28), Olivia Finn Siegel. Dinha and her husband Steven are now conducting sleep-deprivation studies.


10/07 Katie Gifford ('02) writes, "Grad school is good, busy but good. This December I will have completed my Master's level coursework, and I am moving right ahead with my doctoral work. I have been enjoying the clinical aspect much more than I had expected, but neuropsych assessment continues to be my main interest. I am working for 2 private practice neuropsychologists as a psychometrist, but I love it. I have also been involved at the local Memory Clinic, screening patients for memory loss and differential diagnosis. It looks as though I will complete my research within the area of dementia. As it stands now, I am going to collaborate with Mt. Sinai hospital and the Wien Center in Miami to investigate the relationship of dementia, depression and apathy on diagnosis, disease progression, cognitive performance, and cortical atropy. I am extremely excited, and hope everything works as planned."

11/07 Sam Shuman ('04) writes that after spending a year in the Virgin Islands, she's now living and working (at a small PR firm, Cogent PR) in New York City, where she see many Skidmore alumni.

11/07 Lisa Korenman ('97) is doing well at West Point (USMA), where she will be teaching an advanced introductory psychology class. Her daughter (Maren) is talking up a storm! Lisa and her family have just moved into a new home in Newburgh, NY.

11/07 Jennifer Przybylinski Peluso ('93) wrote in inticipation of her 15th reunion in the spring. Jenny is now on the psychology faculty at Florida Atlantic University, where she teaches General Psychology and serves as the Undergraduate Coordinator. Jenny and her husband Paul have two beautiful daughters, Helen Frances (5 years) and Lucy Anne (14 months). Her twin sister Janine is on the faculty at Seton Hall University.

11/07 Jen Toran Sarget ('97) and her husband Jonathan have a new baby girl--Anna Marie! Now her siblings (Jacob and Ada) have a new playmate.

Anna Sargent Jen and Anna Sargent
Anna Marie Sargent

12/07 Karl Schweitzer ('03) writes that he's successfully completed his first semester of law school. Before beginning the semester, he got engaged to his girlfriend Rinad.

12/07 Lisa Kranz ('06) writes that she's "started a new job (at a different ad agency called Atmposphere BBDO) and moved into a new apartment (in New York City)...My company only does interactive advertising so I'm learning a lot about the online realm, which is really cool."

12/07 Caroline Golden ('07) writes from Spain, where she is experiencing the challenges of teaching English to 5th graders in a Spanish public school. Caroline is doing well and looking forward to a holiday in Malaga.