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2008 Updates

1/08 Susan Rivers ('97) and Joe Jolly have added another child to their lovely family. Benjamin Jolly joined big sister Ellie on 1/4/08. Unfortunately, Susan and Joe were unwilling to accept Ellie's suggestion of "Applesauce" as the name of her new sibling. Let's hope it sticks as a nickname!

Benjamin Jolly

1/08 Amy Santo ('07) write that she's enjoying her graduate program in nutrition at NYU, as well as living in New York City.

1/08 Nick Vogt ('03) writes that he's working in LA casting people for various reality TV shows ("Deal or No Deal," "Don't Forget the Lyrics"). He's also considering the possibility of returning to school to pursue a degree in counseling.

2/08 Belinda Bank ('99) writes that she's currently the Associate Director of Beauty Promotions at Vogue magazine.

4/08 Danie King ('07) writes, "Things are going great for me in Santa Barbara. I have learned an enormous amount already, and I really really enjoy the work that I am doing. I've learned an enormous amount about fmri and EEG methods, and have had many opportunities to work with each of the technologies. I am currently working on a project examining the relationship between the degree of cortical connectivity in the corpus callosum, non-dominant activation, and performance on a memory task. Last quarter I had the opportunity to travel to Ohio to do some testing on a split-brain patient (which was so cool!) and I will likely be returning to do some more testing in the near future."

5/08 Hillary Nammack ('05) writes that she's enjoying her experiences at Columbia's MSW program. Her first field placement was at the Jewish Home and Hospital. Her next field placement will be at the Barnard College Counseling Center.

5/08 Jocelyn Levitan ('06) is leaving her position at the Victims of Violence program to begin working on her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

6/08 Sarah Pociask ('08) has accepted a research assistant position at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

7/08 Kate Driver ('05) writes that she's completed her MS in Counseling at the University of Southern Maine. After working for a bit as a school counselor at the elementary school she once attended, Kate starts a new position at the Poland Regional High School. (Yes, that part of Maine is the source of Poland Springs water!) In addition, Kate writes, "I was involved with a great project this spring called in the International Multicultural Project. I mentored college students from Germany and Holland via videoconference as they did research on identity development in minority groups in their own countries. The project culminated in a one-week intensive course in Holland that USM sent myself and three other students to. We helped run the course and assisted students in creating presentations and a papers. The experience was great and really solidified my love of other cultures and travel, so I'm looking forward to working in a international school as a school counselor once I have a bit more experience under my belt."

8/08 Emily Gentes ('05) writes that she's doing well at the University of Pennsylvania--and coming to enjoy living in Philadelphia. She's completed her first year, which included a Master's thesis and defense. This fall she's the teaching assistant for an Introductory Psychology class.

9/08 Amanda (Schweder) Guyer ('95) and her husband Nathan welcomed Hannah's brother Owen to their family on 9/16.

Owen Guyer

9/08 Ariella Tanzer ('07) writes "I just started my second year of art therapy at Lesley and it is going really well, but busy. I like the program a lot. I am a full time student and will graduate in May. The program has us do about four courses a semester and two full-year internships along with the classes. I like this because I have learned so much through the internships." Ariella has had internships at a shelter for homeless women called the Women's Lunch Place and at the Ivy Street School."