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The Quantitative Reasoning Requirement requires students to demonstrate competence in basic mathematical and computational skills by the end of their sophomore year as described below (this is called QR 1), and then to successfully complete a designated course in Quantitative Reasoning (referred to as a QR 2 course) by the end of their junior year. These courses, offered by a variety of departments, may involve mathematics, statistics, or other numerical operations appropriate to the discipline in question, as well as the use of computers for the manipulation of mathematical, social scientific, or scientific data. All QR 2 courses require as a prerequisite the completion of the basic skills portion of the QR requirement (QR 1).

All incoming students must demonstrate competence in basic mathematical and computational skills by passing the QR1 Requirement. This can be done in one of three ways:

1. By achieving a score of at least 630 on the Old MSAT I examination (taken January 2016 or earlier), a score of at least 650 on the New MSAT I examination, a score of at least 570 on any Mathematics SAT II subject examination, or a score of at least 28 on the math ACT examination.

2. By achieving a score of at least 20 out of 25 on the Skidmore Quantitative Reasoning Examination. This exam is offered during New Student Orientation to students who have not otherwise satisfied QR1. The exam will be offered periodically throughout the academic year. Students may take the exam up to four times, but to satisfy QR1 they must pass the exam during their first year.

3. By successfully completing MA 100 (Quantitative Reasoning). This course is required for all students who have not passed QR1 by the end of their first year, and it must be completed by the end of their sophomore year. It may also be elected in the first year by students who have not passed QR1 and feel that their quantitative skills and/or confidence are particularly weak. Note, however, that MA100 satisfies QR1 but not QR2.

Many students will be interested in taking a designated Quantitative Reasoning course (QR2 course) during their first semester at Skidmore. Incoming students are encouraged to pre-register for such courses, but they must have fulfilled the QR1 basic proficiency requirement to remain enrolled. This is done via the SAT or ACT score (as described above), by passing Skidmore's QR1 Exam during New Student Orientation, or by retaking and passing that exam during the initial add-drop period (first week of classes). If after up to two attempts during that period the exam has not been passed, then the student will be required to withdraw from the QR2 course.