The 3W's Guide

This guide is here to help the Skidmore Community recycle better. Education of our community is essential to the success of this program. Please read carefully and follow the guidelines.

If you have any ideas as to how to make the recycling program better (i.e. placement of receptacles, schedule of curbside pick-up service) please use the contact page.


Here you will learn what you can/cannot recycle at Skidmore. Please follow the guidelines. A couple of pieces of trash in the recycling bin can result in the entire dumpster being sent to the landfill.


As a community we need to care about recycling. That's why the students and staff that set up the next recycling system made it very accessible to you.

  • Purchased a drink at the vending machine? Chances are, trash and recycling is just down the hall.
  • If you live in the dorms, just drop off your recycling in the nearest dorm kitchen.
  • Scibner and Northwoods' residents are offered a unique college curbside pick-up program (not for trash). Residents may simply leave the Skidmore recycling containers on their doorstep making it easier to recycle than to take their trash to the nearest waste container.


Every day! A significant portion of the trash that is thrown out each day can be recycled. The EPA estimates that 75% of what Americans throw in the trash could be recycled. Currently, Skidmore community members recycle about 5% of their waste*. This is a good start but clearly there's room for improvement! Please do your part and remember to recycle. If you're in Scribner or Northwoods, remember to put out your recycling on the designated days.

Recycling Pick-up Times

Scribner Tuesday
between 11-3 PM
Northwoods Wednesday
between 11-3 PM

Please put the recycling containers out the morning of the pickup (not the night before) and pick your containers up the same day.

* Percentage is based on a rough estimation


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