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Course Schedule Instructions

  1. You will need to provide a sufficient number of seats for first year and sophomore students pursuing curriculum requirements. For the most part, this will mean Breadth Component and intro courses.
  2. As a general rule, we are asking you to schedule your offerings evenly across all the time blocks. As discussed in Academic Staff, you may increase the number in a slot only after you evened out across all the slots.
  3. Please follow the following recommendations concerning maximum enrollment caps for courses: 100 level: 35-38, 200 level: 29-33, 300 level: 19-23.
  4. All Independent Studies,Internships, and Adv Studio Problems require a special form. Independent Study forms can be obtained on the Registrar's Forms page, Internship applications are handled by the Dean of Studies Office , and Adv Studio Problems can be found in the Art Department. Course descriptions for individual departments can be viewed in the College Catalog . Students do not include these sections in their on-line registration.
  5. You can find useful course tally information on the Registrar's Web Site.
  6. Please let us know if you wish to require an instructor's approval for registration in a class. The catalog should reflect this as a pre-requisite. Any course that requires a form to register will automatically be flagged by this office.

Please provide a course description for all topics courses that need to appear in the Addendum.