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Registration Questions and Answers

What is the quickest way to get course information?
The web version of the Master Course Schedule is available before the printed copy. You will be notified via the student email announce system as soon as the schedule is online.

When is the Master Course Schedule ready to view?
The Master Schedule for the Fall Term is typically available online in early March. The schedule for Spring Term is available in early October.

Can I get a printed copy?
Printed copies of the Master Schedule are not distributed campus wide. However, printed copies will be available in the Registrar's Office. Keep in mind that the web version is more accurate because it is updated reqularly.

Where do I find information on new courses not listed in the College Catalog?
The Addendum to the Skidmore College Catalog is available and updated regularly. Refer to the Addendum for details regarding new courses, descriptions and title changes, and other important information.

Students should schedule time with their advisors well before the registration period begins: this will give the student and the advisor time to consider the student's academic program. The advisor will then release the advising hold in the Student System. Students who are currently studing abroad will not have an advising hold in place, however we do recommend contacting your advisor via email.

Instructor's signatures are required? 
To register for a course which requires permission of the instructor, the student will automatically be prompted to request permission of the instructor and will then need to check their notifications for the instructor's decision. If permission is approved the student will still need to add the course to their schedule. Courses requiring special permission are noted on the Master Schedule.

What about prerequisites?
Course prerequisites, if any, are listed at the end of the course description in the Catalog. The signature of the instructor is required if you have not fulfilled the prerequisite or your registration for the course is held. Please note: the computer checks for prerequisites.

I would like to audit a course. How does that work?
You may audit two courses per semester. Check the Audit box which can be found in the details section of the course. Permission from the instructor is required to audit a course.

What about Part-Time and Overload applications?