First Responder Health and Safety Laboratory

Fire Service Presentations

Recent Fire Service Presentations

Smith. D.L. "Cardiovascular Disease, Fitness and the Work Firefighters Do". Safety/Training Officers' National Summit. Philadelphia, PA; May 14, 2014.

Smith. D.L. Fire Service Workshop (Invited): Safety, Health and Survival Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. Tampa, FL; March 13, 2014.

Smith. D.L. Fire Service Workshop (Invited): Tampa 2, 10th Anniversary of the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives: Building for the Future. Tampa, FL; March 10-12, 2014.

Smith. D.L. "Advancing Firefighter Health and Safety". International Association of Women in Fire & Emergency Services Conference. Tucson, AZ; February 28, 2014.

Smith. D.L. "Sudden Cardiac Events: Why Are Firefighters at Risk?" Keynote Address. 14th Annual 2013 Pilot Research Project Symposium. Cincinnati, OH; October 11, 2013.

Smith, D.L. “Strategies for Improving Firefighting Health and Safety”. Keynote Address. Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts. Hyannis, MA; June 11, 2013.

Smith, D.L. “Safety and Cardiac Data for Fire Service Personnel”. Health and Wellness in the Public Safety Arena Symposium. Fort Wayne, IN; May 18, 2013.

Smith, D.L. “Cardiovascular Strain of Firefighting: Biochemical and Physiologic Correlates”. Cambridge Health Alliance Symposium. Orlando, FL; April 29, 2013.

Brown, J. and Smith, D.L. “Physiological Stress of Firefighting”. Fire Department Instructors Conference. Indianapolis, IN; April 23-25, 2013.

Smith, D.L., Horn, G., and Haigh, C. “Use of Technology to Improve FF Training”. Fire Department Instructors Conference. Indianapolis, IN; April 23-25,2013.

Smith, D.L. “Mitigating Cardiovascular Strain of Firefighting”. Training seminar. Colonie, NY; October 3, 2012.

Smith, D.L. “Heading Off Cardiovascular Events in the Fire Service”. Occupational Medicine Clinic. Buffalo, NY; September 15, 2012.

Smith, D.L. "The Fitness Imperative". Fire Department Instructors Conference. Indianapolis, IN; April 18, 2012.

Smith, D.L. "Sudden Cardiac Events: A Challenge for the Fire Service". New York State Association of Fire Chiefs, FIRE Conference, Verona NY; June 15-18, 2011.

Smith, D.L. "Improving PPE from the Inside Out". 2nd National Fire Service Research Agenda Symposium. Emmitsburg, MD; May 20-22, 2011.

Smith, D.L. "Cardiac Events in the Fire Service: Understanding the Cause and Mitigating the Risk".Fire Department Instructors Conference. Indianapolis, IN; March 24, 2011.

Mapar, J., Orr, J., Smith, D.L., Ames, J., and Batalin, M.  Panel Discussion: "Protecting the Protectors: Ensuring Health and Safety of First Responders Through Wireless Localization and Physiological Monitoring". Wireless Health Conference. San Diego, CA; October 5-7, 2010.

Smith, D.L. "Heat Stress and Cardiovascular Strain Following Firefighting Activities". New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association Seminar. Liverpool, NY; September 29, 2010.

Smith, D.L. "Physiological Strain of Firefighting". Firefighter Cardiovascular Health & Safety Research Summit. Champaign, IL; September 16-17, 2010.

Smith, D.L. and Horn, G. "Effects of On-Scene Rehabilitation on Physiological Recovery from Firefighting Activities". International Association of Fire Chiefs, Fire-Rescue International.Chicago, IL; August 24-28, 2010.

Smith, D.L. "Sudden Cardiac Events: Why Are Firefighters at Risk?" Fire Department Instructor's Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana; April 21, 2010.

Smith, D.L. "Physiological Stress of Firefighting". Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York. Saratoga Springs, NY; April, 17, 2010.