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Skidmore Retirees

Email and IT Support

Presentation on web resources (4/21/15) by Kathy Kinnin, Director of User Services


Retirees are eligible for a Skidmore email account free of charge.  Retirees, like all Skidmore employees, must respect the guidelines and regulations established for email use. This page includes a list of applicable policies.   

Contact the IT Helpdesk if you do not already have an account established. The Helpdesk is located in the Scribner Library in the IT area on the first floor.

Helpdesk Support

The Helpdesk staff are dedicated to assisting Skidmore community members with issues related to technology. Members of that staff must allot their time wisely and will try to assist retirees as best they can.  In general, they must obviously prioritize time to current employees and students, but they are always glad to be of assistance where they can be.

Things the Helpdesk can do:

Helpdesk staff will use what they call the “5 Minute” rule – if they can “fix” it in 5 minutes (or so), they will try. If it’s anything that looks to be time-consuming, they probably won’t be able to help and may refer retirees to off-campus computer stores that may be able to help.

Things the Helpdesk can’t do:

Note: The Helpdesk staff cannot be held responsible for something that goes wrong because they tried to help. It’s important for all to realize that staff members are making their best effort to fix the problem and not make anything worse, but not everything is in their control.