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Skidmore Retirees

Retiree Benefits

Have you already entered retirement? Make it as satisfying and secure as possible by reviewing all of the benefits available to you. Note that certain benefits are relevant to specific employee categories.


If you had a Skidmore ID card while working at Skidmore, you may continue to use that card, including adding money to it so that you may use it on campus at specified off campus sites like a debit card. You will also need a card if you plan to use the Scribner Library or the Sports Center. If you never had a card and need to get one, or if you have any questions, you can contact the Card Office located in Starbuck Center.

The IT Helpdesk can provide some limited support, especially if you have issues related to Skidmore accounts, logins, and security. They are happy to answer questions, but if your issues are complex, they may refer you to an off-campus resource.

You may also want to consider enrolling in a Skidmore class for credit or sitting in as an auditor. You may do so on a space available basis, registering after the matriculated students have had an opportunity to make their course selections. The Registrar's Office provides assistance with this process.


Both the Scribner Library and the Williamson Sports Center allow retirees to use the facilities. The library has a specific collection of resources of interest to retirees.


Throughout the year Skidmore offers a rich array of events that are open to the public and especially inviting to retirees. Any event that is free to current employees is also free to retirees.