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Skidmore Retirees

In Memoriam - Archives

  • Nisler, Anne
    Anne Nisler, a longtime member of Skidmore's housekeeping staff, died Sept. 8, 2013, at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, N.Y. She was 93. Read More.
  • Oliver, Violet M.
    Violet M. Oliver, a longtime member of the Housekeeping division, died Thursday, December 20, 2012. She was 87. Read More.
  • Osborn, Charles
    Charles Osborn, a sergeant in campus safety, died February 25, 2006. He was 53. Read More.
  • Otrembiak, Anthony
    Anthony Otrembiak, a Skidmore College retiree, died February 1, 2005, at his home in Milton, N.Y. Read More.
  • Palamountain, Anne
    A prominent figure in the community and a personal friend to many, the former "First Lady" of Skidmore College passed away on January 24. In a recent interview, she discussed her love of Skidmore College and how she came to Saratoga Springs. Read More.
  • Perrino, Ann Page
    Ann Page Perrino, a retiree from housekeeping, died June 7, 2004, in Greenfield Center, N.Y. Read More.
  • Porter, David H.
    David Porter, classics professor and Skidmore president emeritus, died March 26, 2016, while out for a walk. He was 80. Read More.
  • Porter, Yvonne Roy
    Yvonne Roy Porter, a member of the President's Office staff for more than two decades, died June 2, 2015, in Saratoga Springs. She was 93. Read More.
  • Reagen, Lillian A.
    Lillian A. Reagen, a longtime member of the Lucy Scribner Library staff, died July 22, 2014, in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. She was 88. Read More.
  • Richards, Don
    Don Richards, former development officer and longtime friend of the College, died June 18, at the age of 100. Read More.
  • Schwartz, Dorothy
    Dorothy Schwartz, a longtime Skidmore physical education professor, died May 16, 1984, in Islip, N.Y. She was 84. Read More.
  • Sharp, Alberta Coseo
    Alberta Coseo Sharp died April 26, 2006, in Saratoga Springs. She was 88. Read More.
  • Smalley, Sharon A.
    Sharon A. Smalley, a short-order cook in dining services, died Nov. 6, 2008, at Albany Medical Center, following a brief illness. She was 60. Read More.
  • Smith, Margaret E.
    Margaret E. Smith, director emerita of Skidmore's vocational bureau, died in August of 1959. Read More.
  • Smith, Dorothy Ellen
    Dorothy Ellen Smith, a three-decade staff member in the registrar's office, died October 1, 2012, in Bennington, Vt. She was 96. Read More.
  • Smith, Barbara
    Barbara Smith, professor emerita and long-time reference librarian, died on July 11, 2016, in Potsdam, NY. She was 89. Read More.
  • Steigerwald, Richard Joseph
    Richard Joseph Steigerwald, a member of the Williamson Sports Center staff, died on February 11, 2016. He was 75. Read More.
  • Steigerwald, E. Thomas
    E. Thomas “Tom” Steigerwald of Milton, New York, a longtime member of the Skidmore Shop staff, died Monday, February 8, 2016. He was 72. Read More.
  • Stiassney, Alfred Robert
    Alfred Robert Stiassney, a four-decade staff member, died February 2, 2014, in Saratoga Springs. He was 95. Read More.
  • Taylor, Charlotte A.
    Charlotte A. Taylor, a longtime member of the Dining Services staff, died January 30, 2014. She was 77. Read More.

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