Safety Committee

Motor Vehicle Policy: Accident Procedures

In the event of an accident the following procedures must be followed:

Do be courteous
Don’t discuss any conditions or defects of the automobile
Don’t express any opinion or make any statement to anyone about the accident except to law officers and College representatives
Don’t discuss the accident with anyone over the phone or in person unless they represent the College.


Post Accident Review

Vehicle accidents may undergo a Post Accident Review to determine the cause and preventability of an accident. Reviews could consist of representatives from the Safety Committee, Campus Safety, and the vehicle operators Department or Student Affairs. The attached Post Accident Review Guidelines will be used as evaluation criteria.

Once a determination as to cause and preventability is established, findings and Recommendation will be forwarded to Human Resources & the vehicle operators Supervisors (for Employees) or Student Affairs (for Students) for any corrective action (e.g. temporary or permanent denial of College driving privileges, required attendance at additional training program, etc).