Safety Committee

Motor Vehicle Policy: Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Standard

The College reserves the right to deny, suspend or revoke privileges to drive a College owned, leased or rented vehicle, based on the initial or subsequent review of the motor vehicle record for any faculty, staff or student requesting driving privileges, per the eligibility criteria below for assessing motor vehicle record acceptability.  
Anyone with the following violations within the last three years on their motor vehicle record are ineligible to drive a Skidmore owned, leased or rented vehicle for three years from the date of violation:

A.  No one will be allowed to drive for Skidmore College with a “probationary”, “court-restricted (for any conviction noted in Item F1)” or “junior” license.

B.  To be authorized to drive for the College, the following criteria will be applied:

Driving privileges will be denied or revoked if convictions for any of the following violations appear in the applicant’s MVR within a three (3) year review period: