Schick Art Gallery

Skidmore Student Exhibition
February 3 - February 29, 2004
List of Winners/Prizes


1. Schick Art Gallery Award (Best of Show)
$300 Skidmore Shop gift certificate
Brian Sprengelmeyer, Dwelling, ceramic

2. Soave Faire Award
$150.00 gift certificate
Evan Campisi, Untitled #2, oil & resin on panel

3. ProArts Award
$75.00 prize
Russel Leggett, The Better to Eat You With, Metal

4. Adirondack Trust Award
$50.00 savings bond prize
Lindsey Fyfe, The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle & Other Stories, book pages

5. Case Gallery Prize
$50.00 prize
Sam Jaspersohn, Alison Series, charcoal, ink, oil, graphite on paper

6. Allerdice Building Supply Award
$25.00 gift certificate prize
Sarah MacCaughey, Perpetual Motion, dowel, rice paper

7. Image Photo & Digital Lab Award
$20.00 gift certificate prize
Nyssa Wittliff, Untitled, photograph