Schick Art Gallery

Student Exhibition Juror Statement (06-07)
Ian Berry

"A good exhibition is never the last word on its subject. Instead it should be an intelligently conceived and scrupulously realized interpretation of the works selected, one which acknowledges by its organization and installation that even the material on view - not to mention those things which might have been included but were not - may be seen from a variety of perspectives, and that this will sooner or later happen to the benefit of other possible understandings of the art in question. In short, good exhibitions have a definite but not definitive point of view..."  -- Robert Storr, 2006

Storr wrote the above for a recent book of essays on exhibition practice published by the Philadelphia Exhibition Initiative. As this year's juror for the Skidmore student exhibition, I sought to act out what Storr proposes. How can I reveal my point of view in the exhibition (how could I not?) and in doing so create a proposal of sorts that reflects my taste and one possible arrangement in this particular space?

What might this exhibition look like with different objects?
How does it affect the artworks to be displayed as they are?
How does the display affect the meaning of each artwork?

I hope you take my presentation of these artworks as a challenge - to sort out the connections and combinations on view and then imagine your own.

Ian Berry, juror