Schick Art Gallery

Ginger Ertz 

Pictured: Celestial Navigation, Charles Steckler; mixed media diorama.
Owned by Ginger Ertz, Museum Educator, Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery.

I keep this piece in the studio, where I can look at it all the time when I’m sitting at my studio table.  I think I love it so much because of its mysteriousness. There’s no way to really know what’s going on. There’s this crystal orb, and this hand-like form - or wave, flame, something - that’s affecting these two figures, and in my opinion it’s creating some kind of light or enlightenment, or mystery involving light. But you don’t really know what it is. There’s a combination of materials and surface treatments and ideas, and it’s completely open to interpretation….

I think all the works I love most - including this one - have a certain kind of balance, without being exactly symmetrical, and have a peacefulness about them. And they’re pieces you can keep looking at, looking at, looking at – and getting more and more. You don’t look at them once and get it all, you know. So that’s the same for this piece - when I’m different, it’s different.… And whether these images are in my home or in the studio, or plastered on the side of a subway car, they have things in them that draw me in, that I want to lose myself in. So, yeah, it’s almost as if the crystal in the middle of this piece is like a reverie-inducer for the two figures, as well as for the viewer.
Ginger Ertz, 2012