Schick Art Gallery

Deb Hall 

Pictured: Petroglyphs, Wishram, Edward Curtis, photogravure print
Owned by Deb Hall, Associate Professor of Art, Graphic Design

Collecting unique early photographs from the Pacific Northwest is one of my passions. I look for images that have special meaning to me, or speak to the history of the Pacific Northwest, particularly the Columbia River.  I grew up near Wishram, where this Petroglyphs photo was taken.  Curtis took that photograph before the Dalles Dam was built, and the area was back-filled with water. As a high school kid, I worked at the Dalles Dam as a tour guide.  There was a place near the dam where all these petroglyphs were stored, and we could look at them, and take tours to see them. They were just cut out of the rock, being stored behind this fence….  And now after living here (on the East coast) for a great number of years, I’ve started to really value things from home in a way that I hadn’t before.…

There’s nothing more enjoyable than going into a home where artwork is on the wall. You can be inspired by it, appreciate it, and you know, it’s like having a window to look outside. It does give you inspiration, and it does elevate your level of thought.
Deb Hall, 2012