Schick Art Gallery

Trish Lyell VonRosk

Pictured: 3rd View and Untitled, Laura Von Rosk, oil on panel.
Owned by Trish Lyell, Visiting Assistant Professor, Drawing / Painting

I traded a work of mine for Laura’s smaller painting. But then after having it for a long time, it’s sort of funny, but I wanted more. I mean, I wanted more as in more of Laura’s work, but I also wanted more in the image - I wanted something to happen in this landscape. Now I really love that they’re together.  I would never hang one in one place and the other someplace else. It’s more the space they occupy on the wall than how they relate pictorially…. Because they’re so little, you tend to look at them up close; but since sometimes you’re not close, having two – well, it’s an overused word, but they saturate the wall. They have more presence in the room, without sacrificing their physical littleness.

Part of what matters to me about owning art is the idea that somebody crafted it – whether they are well-known or not, I can see that it was made…. And I can't imagine living without that, or with stuff someone else, like an interior decorator, picked out. That's such a bizarre, soulless thing – to have someone else choose what you live with.
Trish Lyell, 2012