Schick Art Gallery

Victoria Palermo 

Pictured: Wooden wall sculpture, artist unknown, circa 1960's.
Owned by Victoria Palermo, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, Sculpture.

I feel like having works like these really helped me learn how to be an artist, even more than going to museums. Having something in your possession and seeing it again and again - it’s different. When you look at it every day, you see it in a different way. You start asking yourself things like, ‘What was the artist thinking? How was this put together?’

And then there’s just pleasure - the pleasure connection. Just being surrounded by works of art - many by artists I know, and the delight of discovering a new aspect in a familiar piece…. For some reason, it doesn’t give me a whole lot of pleasure to look at my own work. I generally don’t hang my own work at home. The pleasure in the work – my work – is looking at it when I’m making it.
Victoria Palermo, 2012