Schick Art Gallery

Rebecca Shepard 

Pictured: Progressive Insanities of a Pioneer, Page Darrow, oil on board.
Owned by Rebecca Shepard, Curatorial Assistant to the Director, Schick Art Gallery

I’m attracted to work that has a kind of humor. As well as appealing to me aesthetically, all of these pieces have something I find funny or ironic, though perhaps in subtle ways.

I like things that have an ‘objectness’ about them – that approach the sculptural, even when they are two-dimensional….I think that’s because I really like to see that it is made by someone, and for me, when a thing is more of an object, the artist’s hand is so tangible, visceral, visible. That is a big part of why I need to have art around. Having that quality, that authenticity, in my home makes my own life feel more authentic, more real.
Rebecca Shepard, 2012