Schick Art Gallery

Terry Conrad
Statement 8/13

My work is somewhere between print, drawing and sculpture. Process is inseparable from the finished object.  With a focus on the transformation of materials, opposites are explored; control and chance, waste and decoration, finite and recycled materials.
Often my process starts with writing about an observation from every day life.  I use these observations to make a system which informs the process and creates unexpected results reflective of the initial observation. In the studio, I comb through an always growing collection of found objects, scraps and raw materials.  I play with and explore these found materials with an interest in both craft and an unrefined, direct sensibility.
The printing press objects are tools that aid in printing.  The resulting image is an impression created over several days, through oxidation of metals and hand made inks left on the paper. The results are meditative images that are suggestive of rocks and minerals which also form over time and under pressure. The presses are built in piles and tiers as if they are themselves layers of strata.

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