Science at Skidmore

The sciences are an integral part of Skidmore's interdisciplinary curriculum, no matter your major. Partnerships with dedicated faculty, significant hands-on research opportunities, and curricular flexibility will distinguish your science and mathematics education at Skidmore. In addition, outstanding laboratories and facilities and thirteen annual scholarships in science and mathematics make the college's offerings especially competitive. Skidmore offers 65 majors in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities, as well as several pre-professional and cooperative programs.


The Sciences in the News

Class focus: Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Rachel Mann Rosan's students have again coordinated a robust schedule of events designed to raise awareness about autism, including research updates and details on services in the region.

Strock talk focus: Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal

The Panama Canal will soon have competition, as construction has started on the Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal. Geologist Paul Mann of the University of Houston will share details in his April 9 talk.

Guest scholar to assess risks associated with natural events

Colleen Murphy of the University of Illinois researches and writes about risk ethics.

Biologist Drake helps answer key question in canine history

Research by biologist Abby Grace Drake has canine experts rethinking the origin and ancestry of man's best friend.

Dowd Lecture topic: Capitalism and the quality of life

UPDATED Feb. 1--This lecture has been cancelled. Knox College scholar Tim Kasser will deliver Feb. 2 lecture.
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