Science at Skidmore

The sciences are an integral part of Skidmore's interdisciplinary curriculum, no matter your major. Partnerships with dedicated faculty, significant hands-on research opportunities, and curricular flexibility will distinguish your science and mathematics education at Skidmore. In addition, outstanding laboratories and facilities and thirteen annual scholarships in science and mathematics make the college's offerings especially competitive. Skidmore offers 65 majors in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities, as well as several pre-professional and cooperative programs.


The Sciences in the News

Biologists seek answers to fundamental questions about cells

The mysteries of plant cell walls are being revealed to Skidmore biologists engaged in summer collaborative research.

Waste audit yields clues about campus recycling program

Sustainable Skidmore undertakes spring waste audit to learn about what's being discarded and what could be recycled.

16th annual Academic Festival: Excellence matters

Research across disciplines was front and center at the 16th annual Academic Festival, which had as its theme "Excellence matters."

"Give+Go" is thrifty and green

Skidmore and community volunteers are again collecting what students would otherwise leave behind as they head home. Instead of going to a landfill, the items go to local charities.

Students to brief City Council on hazardous waste collection study

Only about 1 percent of local residents participated in the city's last household hazardous waste collection day. Seniors Faith Nicholas, Jennifer Garvin and Lauren Schilling want to increase that number, and will share their ideas Tuesday night with the Saratoga Springs City Council.
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