Science at Skidmore

Science Facilities
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Dana Science Center

Skidmore's main science building contains classrooms and labs for biology, chemistry, environmental studies, geosciences, and physics; greenhouse; plant tissue culture facility; specialized labs; science machine shop; and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center.

GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research

The Skidmore Geographic Information Systems Center provides students and faculty with a computing lab and expertise to incorporate GIS into course offerings and research across disciplines. The Center is also a resource for local governments, environmental and social non-profit organizations, and historic societies with its extensive catalog of Saratoga County socio-economic, historic, and natural resource data. The Skidmore GIS Center primarily uses ESRI ArcGIS 9.2 software to import data from a variety of sources.

Information Technology Department

Skidmore is one of the nation's "most-wired" campuses, including multimedia classrooms and Internet-enabled network connections in residence hall rooms.  The campus also maintains public Macintosh and Windows PCs in microcomputer rooms and Silicon Graphics workstations.  IT works with students and faculty to to incorporate technology into classroom and research endeavors.

North Woods

The North Woods is a 250-acre living laboratory for field study in biology, environmental studies, and geology.  The North Woods  is the second-largest on-site holding among the top liberal arts colleges in the Northeast, and are designated primarily for the College's educational, development, and research purposes. The College invites guests to visit the North Woods for limited recreational purposes.

Scribner Library

Houses over 350,000 print volumes, 70,000 full-text journals, and over 250 databases, thousands of ebooks, and several unique digital collections. Scribner Library provides electronic access to all of the journals published by the American Chemical Society, the American Psychological Association, and the American Society for Microbiology. Databases such as BIOSIS Previews, Current Contents Connect, GeoRef, MathSciNet, PsycINFO, and SciFinder Scholar lead students to current scientific research.

Skidmore Microscopy Imaging Center (SMIC)

Established in 2002, the Skidmore Microscopy Imaging Center facilitates and coordinates the use of the college's collection of microscopy resources. The Center promotes microscopy-based research and teaching, and is a collection site for microscopic images.

The Center supports a variety of faculty-student research projects using a wide variety of modern microscopy resources, including light and electron microscopes.

Skidmore Analytical Interdisciplinary Laboratory (SAIL)

The Skidmore Analytical Interdisciplinary Laboratory (SAIL) is a suite of instruments suitable for elemental analysis, ion analysis, molecular analysis, as well as direct functional analysis.  The inter-relatedness of composition, structure and function is fundamental to many scientific systems and understanding these relations is a central question in biology, chemistry and anthropology.