Science at Skidmore

The sciences are an integral part of Skidmore's interdisciplinary curriculum, no matter your major. Partnerships with dedicated faculty, significant hands-on research opportunities, and curricular flexibility will distinguish your science and mathematics education at Skidmore. In addition, outstanding laboratories and facilities and thirteen annual scholarships in science and mathematics make the college's offerings especially competitive. Skidmore offers 65 majors in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities, as well as several pre-professional and cooperative programs.


The Sciences in the News

Partnering for health

Student-faculty research has spawned an alumnus-faculty enterprise.

Stewarding the North Woods

North Woods stewards wear many hats--scientist, historian, hiker, organizer--to foster love and respect for the campus forest.

Let the game begin

Neuroscientist Hassan Lopez reaps a reward following eight years of effort--publication of his first board game.

Foray into fungus

Skidmore's student-run organic garden has always supplied produce to the campus dining hall. Now it's mushrooming--literally.

"I'll take Potpourri for $200, Alex"

Recent "Jeopardy!" champion Brennan Bushee '15 says thumbs are just as important as brains on the popular game show. He's pictured with host Alex Trebek.
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