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Zach Stiller ’17 and Rob Resnick ’88
are de-
cades apart and had never met face to face, but they
have shared an important journey, exploring Stiller’s
post-Skidmore options.
Resnick, who recently retired as an attorney in
the Army’s Judge Advocate General Corps, calls his
military career “an incredible public service opportu-
nity and an adventure.” He says, “Skidmore academ-
ics set me up for the success, especially the emphasis
on critical thinking and problem-solving.”
Stiller says, “My history classes have been pivotal
in synthesizing what I’ve learned in both the his-
tory and political science departments. Beyond the
classes, professors taught me how to think and look
at the world and the opportunities out there.” He also
studied in Copenhagen, Denmark, where his profes-
sors were professionals in their fields. “Skidmore
gave me the academic base to make the most of that
opportunity while I was abroad,” he says.
When Stiller was seeking “real-world advice,”
political science professor Bob Turner gave him
Resnick’s contact information and recommended
that he ask him about the pros and cons of a military
career, which Stiller had been weighing. What fol-
lowed were email and phone exchanges to help focus
Stiller’s vision of his future.
“It has been extremely useful for me,” Stiller says,
“to brainstorm ideas with someone who has followed
a similar path to what I may also like to accomplish.
The decisions are mine to make, but it is so impor-
tant to make well-educated decisions.” He says he
would “absolutely” encourage other students to forge
partnerships with alumni.
Even as a law student and a new law-school grad,
Resnick had helped Skidmore students to “navigate
options.” During his four terms on the Alumni Asso-
ciation Board of Directors, he often came to campus
meetings early specifically to speak with students,
both in classes and individually. He says many alumni
enjoy speaking with students and fellow alumni. “I’m
not only happy but proud when professors provide
my name to students and the students reach out to
me.” He realizes, “Students may be hesitant ‘cold-call-
ing’ alumni, but if the Career Development Center
or a professor provides the name of an alum, they
should know that the alum is truly willing. And we
can be an excellent resource.”
—Helen Edelman ’74
Envisioning a future
Zach Stiller ’17 and
Rob Resnick ’88
Kiernan Klosek ‘95
Law? Military? Both? Neither? A little
real-world advice helps clarify the options.
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