Scope2016 - page 30

The virtual-reality immersion created to market the Curry One athletic shoe? A Skidmore
alumna was behind it. ¶ A hybrid microfinance and health-care venture capital business
in China? A young Skidmore grad works there. ¶ The Klipmart and DoubleClick veteran
supporting a nonprofit for LGBT entrepreneurs? A bitcoin expert and consultant? The
Edison Nation exec who hosted an invention-contest TV show? Yep, all from Skidmore.
¶ In fact, legions of alumni from all academic disciplines are diving into “the new econo-
my,” spurring innovation in IT and communications, marketing and direct sales, crowd-
sourcing, sustainable and progressive enterprise, and novel combinations of these and
other avenues for doing business and reshaping society. For example:
It’s the economy, smarty
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