Faculty  Majors  Honors
Self-Determined Majors

Current Students

Class of 2020

Name Self Determined Major Title Title of Final Project Readers/Advisors
Karbo, Kai Sento Public Health    
Krevlin, Adam The Business of Contemporary Music Production   Tony Holland
Christine Page
Litt, Gregory Film Studies   Paul Benzon
Adam Tinkle
Peckler, Amanda Media Arts & Communication Studies   Beck Krefting
Cecilia Aldarondo
Momoh, Anastasia Creative Wring & Illustration   Sonya Chung
Janet Sorensen
Otieno-rudek, Ajani David Electronic Production & Engineering   Jill Lenz
Anthony Holland


Class of 2019

Name Self Determined Major Title Title of Final Project Readers/Advisors
Bernard-Jones, Lydia Public Health   Jennifer McDonald-A
Peter von Allmen
Carela, Daniela Public Health   Jennifer McDonald-A
Amon Emeka-A
Philips, Starr Chinese Language & Culture   Cathy Silber
Mao Chen


Class of 2018

Name Self Determined Major Title Title of Final Project Readers/Advisors
Bakhuluma-Ncube, Langa Public Health   Jennifer McDonald
Peter von Allmen
Culkins, Daisy Social & Political Foundations of Education   Hope Casto
Ronald Seyb
Donkin, Nola Collaborative Art Design   Janet Sorenson
Garret Wilson
Erika Pujic
Noland, Caldonia J. Public Health   Jennifer McDonald
Josh Ness
Vanasse, Carl Griffin Audio Engineering: Music Production & Digital Signal Processing in the Music Industry   Jill Linz
Anthony Holland
Weiss, Caleb Documentary Studies   Jordana Dym
Cecilia Aldarondo


Class of 2017

Name Self Determined Major Title Title of Final Project Readers/Advisors
Brown, Robert Chinese: Literature and Translation "Discourse in Translation: Orthodoxies of Male Romance in Hong Lou Meng" Mao Chen-A/R
Cathy Silber-A/R
Dolma, Diki Public Health "Disaster Planning and Response-Case Study of 2015 in Nepal Earthquake" Jennifer McDonald-A/R
Rik Scarce-A/R
Klein, Simon Contemporary Media and Culture Studies "Finding Self Within Digital Spaces: How Immersion, Art, Culture, and Technology Interact to Form New Perceptions" Sarah Sweeney-A/R
Paul Benzon-R
Nicky Tavares-R
Springer-Miller, Ryan Biological Anthropology: Public Health & the Human Condition The Doula: "The Role and value of the Birth Doula in Maternity Care According to Mothers" Bernie Possidente-A/R
Kendrah Murphy-A
Catherine Berheide-R
Nuesi, Chelsea Communication Design for Social Innovation "The Becoming of Doctor Árbol" Deb Hall-A/R
Andrew Linder-A
Peter McCarthy-R
Stein, Michael Acoustics "Psychoacoustics and Systems Design" Jill Linz-A
Flip Phillips-A

Class of 2016

Name Self Determined Major Final Project Readers/Advisors
Alland, Jonathon Human Computer Interaction   Michael Eckmann-A
Sheldon Solomon-A
Becker, Nicole Dance Science   Patricia Fehling-A
Debra Fernandez-A
Graver, Nicolas Dramatic Literature   Regina Janes-A
Carolyn Anderson-A
Kanfer, Billie Communications & Media studies   Mary-Beth O'Brien-A
Tom Lewis-A
Mena-Melendez, Camila Political Economy   Mehmet Odekon-A
Aldo Vacs-A
Rosenthal, Jonathan Film Studies   Mary-Beth O'Brien-A
Roy Ginsberg-A
Smart, Britney Public Health   Jennifer McDonald-A
Robin Nelson-A


Class of 2015

Name Self Determined Major Final Project Readers/Advisors
Charnow, Lauren Victoria Dance Therapy & Drama Therapy Designing & Implementing a Nutrition and Human Body Educational Program for Preschoolers Using Dance and Theater Mary DiSanto-Rose-A/R
Karen Arciero-A/R
Connelly, Tucker Garrett Songwriting and Music Producing   Anthony Holland-A
Ben Glaser-A
Glendening, Michael W. Music Production, Engineering, and Business  

Jill Lanz-A
Anthony Holland-A

Riggs, Caitlin Emily Music Synthesis and Production   Anthony Holland-A
Jill Linz-A
Yossefy, Noam Public Health Policy   Roy Ginsberg-A
Anne Ernst-A