Other Committees

Case Council

Case Council examines and discusses Case Center as a student space, both architecturally and through the amenities it provides. The group is responsible for changes such as the establishment of the Game Room and making suggestions to Dining Services about late night food options. Membership includes the Dean of Student Affairs, administrative representatives, the student VP for Residential Affairs, and 1 student member appointed through SGA Willingness-to-Serve.


Presidents Award Committee

The President's Awards honor individuals and groups who have embraced the educational mission and progressive spirit of the College through exemplary commitment to personal excellence, campus pride, and community service. Nominations are open year-round and reviewed each spring through a process administered by the Student Affairs Subcommittee of the Institutional Planning and Policy Committee. Membership includes 3 faculty members from the IPPC - SA subcommittee and 2 student members appointed through SGA Willingness-to-Serve.


Bias Response Group

The Bias Response Group grows out of Skidmore's determination to foster a safe and inclusive climate on campus. The group is charged with keeping our campus free of discrimination and harassment by creating community responsibility and involvement, building an environment of mutual respect through education and dialogue, fostering an understanding of bias and its effects, and responding to bias incidents and hate crimes on campus. Visit the group's webpage here.