SGA Committees

Communications & Outreach Committee (C&O)

Find out what's happening in SGA and how to get involved!

Chaired by the VP for Communications & Outreach, C&O shall enforce the SGA Elections Policies and Procedures and the Willingness-to-Serve Operating Codes, run and oversee all SGA elections, and meet consistently with all WTS appointments  C&O shall also conduct outreach campaigns in order to maintain SGA transparency and two-way communication with the student body.  .

Contact: Dorothy Parsons

Sustainability Committee (SuCo)

Help integrate Skidmore's sustainability intiatives!  

Sustainability Committee (SuCo) is the primary student committee responsible for educating and collaborating with students, SGA, faculty, staff and administration with the intent to advance the commitment to sustainability. SuCo is devoted to embracing the social, economic, and environmental pillars of sustainability implementing policies that address campus challenges. SuCo helps coordinate and support student, faculty, staff, and administrative groups that work on sustainability-based initiatives. This group channels student voice, ideas, and concerns into the development of Skidmore's Sustainability Strategic Plan.

Contact: TBA

 Traditions Committee (TradComm)

Re-ignite old and forgotten Skidmore Traditions!

TradComm recalls the traditions of yesteryear with fun and exciting events, such as the Boat Regatta and Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Contact: TBA

 Speakers Bureau

Wanna bring Stephen Colbert to Skidmore?

Speakers Bureau provides the funding and logistical support for clubs and departments to bring awesome speakers to campus. This board decides the keynote speaker, which has included David Sedaris and Ira Glass.

Contact: Liz Reisen

Late Night Advisory Committee (LN)

Have fun at the Spa on Friday and Saturday nights? Plan them!

LateNight, often with collaboration and co-sponsorship from other SGA clubs, plans cool events like Open Mic Nights and Stand-Up Comedy Shows every Friday and Saturday night in the Spa, as alternatives to alcohol and other drugs.

Contact: TBA

Committee for Student Life

You missed your opportunity to be pre-housed in a single, but you can still sit on Senate, plan monthly All-Hall Study Breaks, and FUN DAY!

Chaired by the VP Residential Affairs, IHB represents concerns of residential life and campus quality, while also planning all-hall and all-campus events, such as Moorebid Ball and Fun Day.

Contact: Charlotte Morse

Inter-Class Council (ICC)

Had fun at Junior Ring and Spring Fling? Plan them yourself!

Chaired by the Senior Class President, ICC officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Social Chair) programs class-sponsored events and voices class concerns.

Contact: Miles Calzini

Falstaff's Operating Committee (FOC)

Help determine future events at Falstaff's!

The Falstaff's Operating Committee oversees Falstaff's venue and helps to determine the future of the Falstaff's funds.

Contact: TBA

Committee on Diversity Affairs (CoDA)

Care about Diversity? So do we!

Chaired by the VP Diversity Affairs, CoDA acts as a liaison between Senate and OSDP clubs, planning open forum dialogues to discuss issues of diversity and social justice, mainly in relation to Skidmore's campus. CoDA is also responsible for planning and facilitating the awesome new Skidmore Urban Experience (SUE) program, where students can visit major cities like Boston and NYC for a day for only $10!

Contact: TBA

Club Affairs Committee (CAC)

Help Skidmore's 130+ Clubs!

Chaired by the VP Club Affairs, CAC acts as the chief liaison between all SGA clubs and Senate, helping to charter new clubs and de-charter the old. The Club Affairs Committee is the liason between all SGA clubs and the Senate. CAC encourages collaboration between clubs, advises potential club presidents through the charting process, grants and reviews trial periods, and makes recommendations to Senate for all club charters and de-charters. CAC is composed of the Vice President for Clubs Affairs as Chair, the Vice President for Financial Affairs, five Senators, and two additional representatives appointed through the Willingness-to-Serve process.

Contact: Luca Mobilia

Budget & Finance Committee (B&F)

Control SGA's Money!

Chaired by the VP Financial Affairs, B&F advises all SGA clubs on financial policy and general budgeting inquiries.

Contact: Julia Elstein