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Skidmore Microscopy Imaging Center - SMIC

Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory

The scanning electron microscope (SEM) and specimen preparation instruments are located in the Robert Mahoney Electron Microscopy Laboratory, a 1,200 sq ft, 5-room, modern electron microscopy suite. The SEM, a JEOL 6480LV, was purchased with funds from the National Science Foundation.

Specifications of the JEOL 6480LV SEM:

Illumination System:

Accelerating Voltage:

Sample Holders:



X-ray Microanalysis:

Tungsten Filament

1-30 kV

4 and 8 hole

Secondary and backscatter detectors

High and low vac imaging, cryo-stage for LV-cryo imaging

Bruker-AXS EDX system with X-ray mapping







Ancillary Equipment:

Equipment is also available for freeze spraying, freeze slamming, freeze substitution (to 90C) and low temperature plastic embedding.

SEM Image Gallery