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Digital Measures


In 2017, as part of an initiative of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Skidmore College began using a web-based activity reporting system called Digital Measures.

Digital Measures is designed to help faculty organize, track and report on their accomplishments in teaching, scholarship and research, and service. The system can be used for facilitating the preparation of materials for departmental reviews, identifying cross-disciplinary partnerships among faculty and appropriately directing funding opportunities, and demonstrating institutional capacity in grant applications. Many Skidmore faculty are also actively involved in engaging students in a variety of exciting and meaningful ways. It is increasingly important for faculty to document this important work so that it is appropriately acknowledged in annual activity reports, tenure and promotion documents, and external reports to various constituencies and accrediting bodies. 

Digital Measures provides a range of reporting services to faculty, department chairs and program directors, and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, and will be Skidmore's new system for generating the Individual Faculty Annual Summary of Activities Report due on June 30th of each year.

Logging into Digital Measures

Click here for instructions on logging into Digital Measures


Faculty User Guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Required Fields for Annual Summary of Activities Report (PDF)

Provides a screen-by-screen breakdown to show which data fields should be completed if they are applicable to you and you want the information included in your Annual Summary Report. Data fields circled in blue indicate which information will be automatically pulled from the Digital Measures screens to populate your Annual Summary Report. 

Common Activities and Entry Locations (PDF)

Provides a list of major faculty activities and corresponding entry locations in Digital Measures

Helpful Features and Tips: 

Managing Data (PDF) - Outlines actions available in Digital Measures, such as adding a new record, importing items in bulk, editing or viewing a record, deleting a record, copying a record, searching for key words on a screen, and navigating back to a previous screen. 

The PasteBoard (PDF) - Describes this time-saving feature for copying text from documents to Digital Measures.

Adding a New Record (PDF) - Explains how to add a new record for each screen.

Expanding Text Boxes (PDF) - Demonstrates how to resize a text box when working in Digital Measures.

Entering Authors, Investigators, Presenters, Performers, etc. (PDF) - Details how to add yourself as an author, investigator, presenter, performer, etc., when creating a record in any of the 6 screens under the Scholarship/Research category, as well as how to add co-contributors and change contributor order.

Importing Publications (PDF) - Explains how to import publications from other databases.

Rapid Reports (PDF) - Provides instructions for how to run reports in Digital Measures, including your Annual Summary of Activities report.

Things to Remember When Working in Digital Measures: