Office of Sponsored Research

Preparing Proposals for External Funding

Whom to Contact

Working with faculty and staff to increase external funding and provide opportunities for professional growth is critical to the overall health of Skidmore College. Both the Office of Sponsored Research and the Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations are committed to supporting Skidmore faculty and administration in realizing the institution's Engaged Liberal Learning Plan 2005-2015 as well as supporting the development of its faculty and professional staff. 

The Office of Sponsored Research, a division of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty / Vice President for Academic Affairs, is a service unit that assists college faculty, staff and students in their research and creative endeavors. The Office of Sponsored Research is responsible for coordinating and stimulating research and scholarly activity at Skidmore College for individually or collaboratively initiated research and other sponsored program activities. 

The Office of Sponsored Research provides assistance with the identification of funding sources, processing of proposals, including administrative review and sign-off, and negotiation of external award agreements in conjunction with other institutional administrative units as applicable. Assistance with the development of the proposal narrative and budget is also provided. Post-award responsibilities include fiscal management but not fiscal reporting. The Office of Sponsored Research also provides administrative support for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

For more information about the Office of Sponsored Research, please contact: 

William Tomlinson
Director, Office of Sponsored Research
436 Palamountain Hall

The Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations works in partnership with Skidmore faculty, administration, alumni and friends to secure external funding from national, regional, and local foundations and corporations for campus priorities and programs. The Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations helps the College to offer new and innovative programs, support faculty-driven initiatives, expand the curriculum, and enhance the physical plant.

For information regarding faculty involvement in, or sponsorship of, institutional grants, please contact:

Barry Pritzker
Senior Director, Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations
North Hall