Sponsored Research Office

Preparing Proposals for External Funding

Submitting a Proposal

Before a proposal may be forwarded to a sponsor, it must receive administrative approval. Your proposal will be reviewed by appropriate administrative personnel for completeness (i.e., have the grantor requirements been met and is the proposal structured as directed by the program guidelines), accuracy (i.e., is the budget adequate to accomplish the proposed tasks, are the proper rates used, does the budget calculate properly) and compliance with applicable College, sponsor, state and federal guidelines.

In order to facilitate the administrative review process, a Statement of Commitments and Proposal Approval form has been developed to insure that a proposal is properly routed, reviewed and approved by all required parties. The Proposal Approval form is an internal document and should not be submitted to the sponsor. One copy of the proposal, with a final budget, and the completed Proposal Approval form should be on file in the SRO at least seven working days prior to the due date of your proposal.

If submission of paper copies of the proposal is required by the sponsor, the PI is responsible for the timely submission of these documents. The SRO is responsible for the electronic submission of proposals unless sponsor guidelines specify submission by the PI.