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Who are SSCP Student Consultants?

SSCP student consultants have achieved the highest recognition for both their academic accomplishments in Management and Business and their acumen for applying those learnings.  Members of the course have been selected through a rigorous assessment process that included nominations by faculty, an honors-level GPA of 3.6 or above, and interviews with the program’s student directors and faculty director. Each client team of is made up of two student consultants and one student director. The student directors have already completed at least one semester of SSCP and have already worked with one or more clients.

Student in the SSCP program are also fulfilling academic requirements for a four-credit, 300-level business course.  The consulting teams meet with their assigned clients a minimum of once every week for an hour with an established agenda; they also meet once a week in a seminar setting with the other consulting teams and their professor to discuss their consultancies and to deepen their competencies in using the tools and frameworks of strategic consulting. Both the clients and the student consultants are engaged in electronic communication and exchanges throughout the semester on a secure platform.

Ezra Levy

Ezra Levy, Class of 2015
Major: Management and Business    Minor: Arts Administration and Media & Film Studies

Ezra enters his third semester of consulting as a Partnership Student Manager for 2014-2015. A native Southern Californian, Ezra possesses a range of experience in both business strategy and arts management & development. Ezra is eager to continue learning new skills and solving complex problems in the local business community. In fall 2013, he founded web app startup Open Campus, which connects college students with businesses to complete freelance work. Ezra consulted clients Javier's Fine Dining in the fall of 2013 and Saratoga Spring Water Company in spring of 2014.

Lauren Alexander

Lauren Alexander, Class of 2015
Major: Management and Business    Minor: Economics

Lauren comes into her second semester of consulting as a Partnership Student Manager for 2014-2015. Originally from Northern California, a business hub, Lauren has developed a passion for consulting and strategy. After interning at NBC, both for the Today Show and Nightly News with Brian Williams, Lauren has developed an interest for how the initial strategy of a company can translate over to the consumers. While studying business in Barcelona, Spain this past semester, Lauren learned to appreciate business strategy on a global scale. Lauren consulted for the Saratoga Film Forum and excited to bring her experience to SSCP this year.

 Kojo Amarteyfio

Kojo Amarteyfio, Class of 2015
Major: Economics

Born and bred in Accra, Ghana, Kojo is greatly excited to be joining SSCP this year. In the past, he has had stints at Ernst & Young and at Databank Financial Services and was Business Manager at the Skidmore News last year. Kojo's strengths are in analysis, research and communication and he's always bubbling with new ideas. He enjoys taking on complex business problems and looks forward to broadening his entire spectrum of abilities through SSCP.

 Nick Barra

Nick Barra, Class of 2015
Major: Management and Business and Psychology

Nick is thrilled to be coming back for his second semester at SSCP. With his most recent internship at FactSet Research Systems and previous summer positions, Nick has developed strong interests in strategy, research, and marketing. As member of the Skidmore Baseball Team outside of the classroom, Nick enjoys analyzing the whole of a business and is eager to gain more experience and enhance his skills in strategic consulting and business development as a part of the SSCP team. Nick was apart of the SSCP team that consulted with the Alpine Sport Shop in spring of 2014.

 Fiona Casson

Fiona Casson, Class of 2016
Major: Management and Business   Minor: Studio Art

Fiona excitedly anticipates becoming a new member of SSCP. Through summer internships and Skidmore Management and Business classes, she has developed strong skills in analysis, research, and strategy which have taught her to assess and solve problems. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to further develop these skills with clients from the Saratoga Community.

 Mabel Fung

Mabel Fung, Class of 2015
Major: Management and Business and Exercise Science
Mabel is very excited about becoming more involved in the Saratoga community and helping SSCP clients reach their goals. Through her academic courses and work experiences, including internships with Reform Pilates Studio and University of Westminster's Finance Department, Mabel has developed strong research, analysis, and communication skills.

 Lyssa Jackson

Lyssa Jackson, Class of 2016
Major: Management and Business
Lyssa has a strong background as a young leader in the nonprofit community. She has served on two nonprofit boards, has in-depth experience in development, and was named "Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy" by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in 2012. Lyssa's nonprofit experience is balanced by her studies in management and business, her role as team member of the Skidmore start-up Open Campus, and her work as the social media manager at Saratoga CoWorks. As the Co-President and founder of Skidmore's Women in Business group, she has created strong ties to the Saratoga Springs community. Lyssa looks forward to being a part of the ongoing growth of her favorite city through SSCP.


Sam Mark, Class of 2016
Major: Management and Business    Minor: Arts Administration

With a keen ear and enthusiastic energy aimed at the music industry, Sam continuously looks to close the void that separates business and art. His studies incorporate a course load that encompasses and blends creativity and strategic thinking within a business framework. A native of New York State, Sam has had held summer internships that have already put his studies to practical use. He is extremely eager to be part of the SSCP squad.

 Camila Oliveira

Camila Oliveira, Class of 2015
Major: Managment and Business   Minor: Economics

Camila is excited to return to SSCP as a student consultant this fall. Having been an intern to the class, she assisted with the financials of client Javier’s Nuevo Latino Restaurant. She brings her experience in marketing as well as her knowledge of accounting to the group, and hopes to gain experience and strengthen her skills. Camila is looking forward to getting more involved in her Saratoga community.

 Maddy Tank

Maddy Tank, Class of 2016
Major: Management and Business   Minor: Studio Art
Maddy is enthusiastic to be a part of the SSCP team this fall. With a background in fine arts and design, she looks forward to synthesizing artistic technique with business practice. Through her Skidmore Management and Business classes and work experiences, she has gained skills within the market research and application fields. Maddy is eager to continue refining these skills and developing creative strategies.


Isabelle Young, Class of 2015
Major: Management and Business and Economics

Isabelle is excited to be joining SSCP for the fall semester.  She is eager to use the skills she has learned through two different summer internships to help SSCP clients reach their goals.  With specific experience in accounting and human resources, having worked for a small private business as well as a large public corporation, she can provide a wide range of business knowledge.  She looks forward to working closely with the Saratoga community and creating value for the SSCP clients.