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SSCP student consultants have been selected through a rigorous assessment process that includes nominations by faculty, an honors-level GPA of 3.6 or above, and interviews with the program’s student managers and faculty director. SSCP consultants include students from diverse majors and minors including business, economics, psychology, studio art, art history, computer science, sociology and dance.

SSCP Manager
Caitlyn Opfer 2018

Caitlyn Opfer

Caite Opfer is a current Senior Student-Athlete from Somers, New York, majoring in Management and Business with a minor in Studio Art and a member of the Women’s Varsity Basketball Team. For the last three summers Caite has interned in fashion companies, most recently with Sam Edelman. During her time there she was heavily involved in product design and trend analyses, but also reached into corners of financial planning and forecasting. Fall of 2016 she studied in Paris, France looking at the profound impact the fashion industry had on the city and on many social issues. She loves working alongside peers to seek innovative solutions and discover ways to add value to client companies. Most recently, Caite consulted Death Wish Coffee Company and has hopes to peruse a consulting career in her future.
SSCP Manager
Jack Sloan 2018

Jack Sloan

Jack Sloan is a Senior Management & Business Major from Zionsville, Indiana. Jack has experience working with two SSCP clients: The Saratoga Juice Bar and the Northshire Bookstore. Having this previous experience in the course has given him the opportunity to manage the course this Fall. This past summer, Jack interned at the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership where he continued to be heavily involved in the Saratoga business ecosystem. Because of the great experience Jack has had in SSCP, he aspires to become a professional consultant after he graduates.  

SSCP Senior Consultant
Luke Hirschhorn 2018

Luke Hirschhorn

A senior from San Francisco, California, Luke is focusing on a Business major and a Spanish minor at Skidmore College. Last summer Luke worked on the capital markets team at Newmark Knight and Frank, a multinational commercial real estate firm. Prior experience includes a summer internship at MTN Capital Partners, a private equity firm headquartered in New York City, and a semester consulting Battenkill Valley Creamery on behalf of the Skidmore Saratoga Consulting Partnership.

SSCP Senior Consultant
Mohammed Miah 2018

Mohammed Miah

Mohammed is a current senior at Skidmore, majoring in Economics with a minor in Business Management. Through his great passion for soccer he decided to study abroad in Argentina where soccer culture is so prominent. He loves his experiences at Skidmore, including having the chance to intern at Sports Illustrated Play and most recently interning at UBS in New York. He has found an eagerness to help others through these outlets, deciding that consulting is his calling in trying to give individuals and corporations financial advice in the future.

SSCP Senior Consultant
Sean Timmons 2018

Sean Timmons

Sean Timmons is a senior from Cream Ridge, NJ who is double majoring in Business and Economics. This is his second semester as a consultant with SSCP, last time he worked with the City of Saratoga Springs on a feasibility study for the recently implemented CDPHP Bike Share. His past experience at Northwestern Mutual and Saratoga Investment Solutions have further developed his skills for client services and problem solving. A former member of the Varsity Ice Hockey team, Sean is a determined and diligent worker ready to tackle any problem!

SSCP Student Consultant
Spencer Adams-Rand 2018

Spencer Adams-Rand

Spencer Adams-Rand is a Skidmore/Dartmouth Physics and Engineering dual degree student from Los Angeles, California. Spencer has work experience in a variety of fields including roller coaster design, software development, and hybrid/electric vehicles. In his Sophomore year he independently developed a course registration software that allowed students to more effectively choose their classes. Over 1000 students downloaded and used the software, and praised the effectiveness and ease of use. Since then he's worked with industry leading clients in the entertainment industry on both ride vehicles and animated figures. Mostly recently, he's worked at Alta Motors, a high tech electric motorcycle startup, where he led a project developing software to test new vehicle components. Spencer is also a co-president of the Skidmore photography club, and an eager volleyball player.

SSCP Student Consultant
Ilana Antiles, Class of 2018

 Ilana Antiles

Ilana Antiles is a senior at Skidmore College from Queeensbury, NY, majoring in math and economics. She has completed summer internships at Kershner Grosso & Company and Saratoga Investment Solutions. As an intern, she performed research to aid in portfolio management, wrote client newsletters, helped facilitate client care, and expanded marketing. She has tutored throughout high school and college and enjoys sharing information with others. Senior year she is a teaching assistant in finance and economics. Ilana enjoys the challenge of analyzing data and collaborating on projects.

SSCP Student Consultant
Cameron Chelo 2019

Cameron Chelo

Cameron Chelo is a junior majoring in Business and Economics. This past summer, he was a Sales Engineer Intern at Toast Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts. At Toast, he was responsible for training and supporting the sales staff while also offering additional assistance on sales calls. As a result of this, Cameron gained valuable problem solving and interpersonal skills, which he is excited to bring to SSCP and their clients. 

SSCP Student Consultant
Kalika Likhi 2018

Kalika Likhi

Originally from New Delhi, India, Kalika is a senior at Skidmore College studying Economics and Biology. She is a Porter Presidential Scholar for Science at Skidmore, where she is also an active member of the Skidmore College Women in Business (WIB) and the International Students Union (ISU). She has had several internships in the past with a focus on research and strategic consulting, including with TeachInda, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and most recently at Ernst & Young LLP. In her free time, Kalika enjoys Bollywood dancing, landscape photography, and has a passion for travel. Having grown up in both the United States and India, Kalika brings with her a unique and global perspective to every task at hand, which she looks forward to applying to her projects at SSCP.

SSCP Student Consultant
Dennis Maier 2019

Dennis Maier

Dennis Maier is a current Junior, double majoring in Business Management and Economics along with a Math minor. Originally from Regensburg, Germany, he is fluent in German, English and working on his proficiency in Spanish. He spent his last 2 summers mainly in Germany where he gained experience in the financial industry. He has worked at SWIMS Invest, a commercial real estate investment firm and most recently interned in the Equity Capital Markets division at the European Investment bank UniCredit. Dennis has a passion for traveling and sports, having played ice hockey from a young age. He is excited to bring in his competitive nature and experience to SSCP. 

SSCP Student Consultant
Andreas Michailidis 2018

Andreas Michailidis

Andreas Michailidis is a Senior Business major and a Philosophy minor. The past two summers Andreas has interned at a private equity and wealth management firm, in hopes to thoroughly expand his knowledge. He has had an interest in business his whole life, proving so by running his own ice cream truck business the summer before entering Skidmore.

SSCP Student Consultant
Sanjuktha Mohan 2019

Sanjuktha Mohan

An international student from Bangalore, India, Sanju is a junior at Skidmore College studying business management and economics. Sanju’s past experiences range from interning at an artisan chocolate company to running a startup business in high school. She has spent her last two summers interning at SIX Marketing, a boutique agency in Saratoga Springs and at EY Bangalore. During her time at SIX, she worked on developing storyboards for TV commercials, managing client’s editorial calendars and aided in running social media campaigns. This past summer she interned at EY under the Business Advisory Services division, which concluded with an assessment of the Indian Fintech Industry. A conversational speaker of five languages and a well-rounded individual, Sanju brings a fresh and global perspective to the consulting team.

SSCP Student Consultant
An Phi 2018

An Phi

An Phi is a senior at Skidmore College. He is fluent in several languages but most of them are for machines; as for humans, he can readily serve them English and Vietnamese. Naturally drawn to challenges and problem solving, he realizes programming one of the best way to indulge such passion. As a result, he often finds himself spending more time coding than studying in class. He uses the word “architect” to describe himself, but this does not pertain to only building software or fun wooden constructions but also to business models. His background has brewed a special mix of expertise and perspective, which he brings to every project making the way he sees the problem as well as his solutions unique and practical. He also sees himself as a helpless art addict for he once tried to be a dilettante, but that did not go well: he ends up spending the rest of his time when he is not working, working on some ceramics or perhaps taking photos with a quirky angle.

SSCP Student Consultant
Amelia Steeger 2018

Amelia Steeger

Amelia Steeger is a senior at Skidmore College, majoring in Management and Business. She has experience in various areas of business, including social media marketing, business operations, and financial planning. Recently, Amelia interned as a Financial Analyst and Planner at Wolters Kluwer, where she created financial models and analyzed quarterly earnings for the company’s multi-national projects. She also presented budgets and projections to the company’s top executives, based on the data collection and analysis she completed. While at Skidmore, Amelia is an active member of the community, helping organize the annual Skidmore Women in Business Conference and managing the Freirich Business Competition. Amelia loves combining her unique work experiences to create innovative and successful solutions for clients.

SSCP Student Consultant
Ryan Warnock 2018

Ryan Warnock

Ryan Warnock is a Senior Student Athlete from Bergen County New Jersey, pursuing a double major in Business & Management, as well as in Economics. Ryan has held many part time and full time positions during his professional career. Most recently, Ryan completed the Summer Analyst Program at Natixis, A French Investment Bank in New York City. Ryan enjoys the outdoors, and is an avid sports enthusiast. He spent last summer at the London School of Economics and is an active member of the Skidmore Men’s Lacrosse Team where he has resided as team Captain for three years. He uses his competitive nature and leadership abilities to produce strong results within teamwork centered environments.