Student Handbook

Section III: College Policies
Dining Services

  1. Dining halls open in the fall on the approved students’ arrival Dining halls are closed during Thanksgiving, winter and spring vacations.
  1. Residence hall students are required to hold the Unlimited Meal Plan. 
  1. Apartment and/or off campus students may select any meal plan offered (see the Dining Services website for details). 
  1. Students unable to present their College identification card at meal time may pay the guest meal rate and receive a refund in the Skidmore Card Office upon presenting a validated College identification card.
  1. All students are responsible for abiding by all Dining Services policies and procedures (see the Dining Services website and the Skidmore College Student Handbook for further information). 
  1. Please note: Dining Hall hours are subject to change.
  1. Students who dine in Skidmore Dining Services facilities are held to the same student conduct standards that exist through all aspects of College The following constitute violations of Skidmore Dining Services policies which may occur in any Dining Services facility:
    1. Our “all you care to eat” policy provides you with plenty to eat while you are dining in the Murray-Aikins Dining The food students select must be consumed in the dining hall; they may not take anything out except for a piece of hand fruit, an ice cream cone, or a cookie per meal.
    2. Theft of any utensils, dishware, glasses, or any other supplies or equipment from any Dining Services facility or catered event.
    3. The consumption of food or drink in Murray-Aikins Dining Hall without a valid meal plan and/or paying cash at the door.
    4. Skidmore College ID cards are non-transferable. Meal plans are non-transferable and meant for the sole use of the student to whom it was ID card misuse is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to lending, borrowing, or misrepresentation of any kind.
    5. Entering, or attempting to enter, the dining hall through an unauthorized entrance.


The list below summarizes the range of possible sanctions for violations of the Dining Services Policies. The College generally interprets more than three violations of these policies as indication that the student is unwilling to abide by College regulations:

Other sanctions may be levied as a response to more serious violations.

More information about dining services can be found online, here: