Student Handbook

Wheeled Devices, Slacklining, and Hoverboards

Students are permitted to have bicycles. However, the College assumes no responsibility for their safekeeping. The College cannot be responsible for shipping any bicycles left on campus, and reserves the right to possess and dispose of bicycles left on campus at the conclusion of an academic year or term. Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, bicycles, and similar wheeled devices are not permitted inside College buildings, residence halls, or on tennis courts. Additionally, skateboards and other wheeled items may not be ridden on railings, curbs, benches, or other fixtures that may be damaged by these activities, and the College reserves the right to charge individuals for the cost of repairing damage to College property caused by these activities.

Students are permitted to practice safe and responsible slacklining on campus provided appropriate equipment is used and the anchor points on each tree are not more than four feet above the ground. Moreover, the trees used as anchors for the slackline must be at minimum 12 inches in diameter. The College encourages students to use all methods available to protect the health of the tree. The College assumes no responsibility for any injury resulting from slacklining.

Starting January 25, 2015, Skidmore College will prohibit self-balancing scooters, more popularly known as hoverboards, along with battery operated scooters, and hands-free Segways from our campus because of recent concerns by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the potential danger these devices may pose to members of the campus community.  This response is part of the College's efforts to maintain a safe living, learning, and working environment and to provide a workplace that is free from recognized hazards.

Several safety and consumer agencies currently are investigating fires and injuries related to these devices.  Once these investigations have been completed, the College will re-evaluate our stance on these devices.

If you own a self-balancing scooter, battery operated scooter, or hands-free Segway, please make sure that the device is not brought to campus.  If you have already brought one of these devices with you, please contact Campus Safety who will work with our facilities team to find safe storage until they can be returned home.  Should you be found on campus using one of these devices, please note that it will be confiscated for safe storage and returned to you at the end of the semester