Free Samples

Sweezer-3PO, Sweezus
[David Sweezy & Logan Sweezy]

Playing only the deepest of cuts, bumpinest of bumpables, and grooviest of grooves. From hip-hop all over the world and jazz, soul, and funk it samples. Guaranteed to make you cool.


World Rock with Mood & Mano

DJ Mano & DJ Mood
[Henry Cooley & Atlan Arleo-Witzl]

Come with Mood & Mano as they explore rock around the world. Each week, M&M will dig deep into a different country's underground music scene to find the freshest and coolest they have to offer.


Louder than a Mom

DJ Madamoi Nelle
[Nell Mittelstead]

Bringing the best new music to the air that you will love but your mother will hate 100% guaranteed.


Under the Influence

DJ Rizzyriz & DJ Reba
[Emily Rizzo & Rebecca Fawcett]

"Under the Influence" fuses the past and the present in just two hours. We explore modern takes on the work of some of the greatest artists of all time. Welcome to R+R with DJ Rizz + Reba, listen and discover the roots that influence us all.


The Goat Barn

[Reece Robinson]

Fresh organic ethnic cuisine for ears.


Music to Pretend To

Oedipus Tex & Whygo?
[Arman Avasia & Max Weigel]

We make playlists based on a mood, moment, or idea. You ain't gotta like it but the hood's gonna love it.


Electric Shock!

[Samantha Weis]

Introducing you to the NU'EST and coolest in Korean pop music! Some weeks will be themed, while others will showcase kpop songs, currently trending. Get ready to be E-E-E-Electric Shocked!


The Decline of Western Civilization

Elvis from Hell & Teenage Jesus
[Nate White & Elliott Caron-Vera]

The austere and absurd vibrations of Rock n Roll. We'll be bringing you a mind-melting, underworldly, (molotov-) cocktail of punk, post-punk and alt-rock.


Grandma's Room

DJ Halleylujah
[Halley Furlong-Mitchell]

Give granny a kiss ;)


Seasonal Affective New Order

DJ Kraft-Twerk & DJ Back County Grimes
[Matt Gellman & Jasmine Redmond]

We play a lot of mellow winter music (dream pop, shoegaze, 80s rock, folk, etc.) that's generally sad and about heartbreak. Some artists include St. Vincent, Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, Cat Power, Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell, Twin Sister, Elvis Depressedly, The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, and PJ Harvey.


Random Chaos

[John Clark]

Two hours of random chaos… Rock from the 1960s to now.


Bump 'n Grind

[Mariel Wettick & Caroline Herman]

Badass women of Hip Hop and R&B unite! Lets give these ladies some love & appreciation. Every week we'll focus on a different era where we will bounce to the queens of hip hop & get to know upcoming artists.