Tropic Hangeo

DJ Silky Smooth, Dj Latina Starr, & DJ Agua En El Hollo
[Jacob Schwartz, Mariana Toro, & Lulu Ferrer]

Looking for a tropical getaway? We have just the thing for you! For those feeling homesick, nostalgic, or adventerous...have a listen to our sexy spanish music!


Swirly Girly

DJ Sparkle Wench
[Molly Lockwood]

Your teenage angst leaking into your young adulthood will be embraced with some dream pop + co.


Luxe & Reduxe

Monsieur Tal Tal
[Talia Steinman]

Assorted aural pleasures.


Re-Generation X

DJ Quest
[Markus Messore]

Come as your are to Re-Generation X, WSPN's longest running show focused on 90s alternative and grunge.


The Station

Lil Rix & DJ Joe Skiff
[Luke Hirschhorn & Ricki Blakesberg]

Be prepared to reevaluate your view on reggae. The Station will approach reggae through all focal points and genres of music. The ultimate goal of our show is to demonstrate this music is about more than an emphasis on the offbeat.


Rock Herstory

The Witches
[Erika Marcinek & Allison Smith]

A journey back in time through the rock'n'roll ages but this ain't your average time machine. We are dethroning the rock kings and crowning the queens. This show explains the roots of women in the rock world to its birth.


Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi

DJ Le Breezy
[Theodore Braziunas]

Every week we dig deep into the roots of popular indie bands and discover what backgrounds they're coming from. We also check out some newer artists with similar musical identities.


Bad Girls Club

DJ Flowers & DJ Kali
[Molly Fulton & Allie Tyler]

Music for #GIRLZ# to turn up, down, and all around to. (Boys welcome too, but don't cramp our style).


Ladies of the Canyon

DJ Ar-Plane
[Ariel Plotnick]

A chronological review of Joni Mitchell's albums: Empty halls and beveled mirrors/Sailing seas and climbing banyans/Come our for a visit here/To be a lady of the canyon.


He shoots; He scores!

DJ Plumtree & DJ Plum Daddy
[Kyle Amato & Mitch Sprung]

Film directors and composers collaborate all the time under our noses. Tune in for some history lessons and classic film scores on "He Shoots; He Scores!" We'll take you from Spielberg and Williams to Pixar and Randy Newman, so just sit back and enjoy the magic of teamwork.


Random Chaos

[John Clark]

Two hours of random chaos… Rock from the 1960s to now.



DJ Rosy
[Megan Knowlton]

Tired of the modern era's preoccupation with lyrics?!?! Then listen to Notes! We'll be taking a look at music from movies, games, and more, all to show you the power of (chord) progressions.