Midnight 4play

Dj Hey Good Looking and DJ Whatchya Got Cooking?
[Mack Lacy and Ben Winer]

A chance for you to get a quick chronological history lesson on various eclectic artists from the start of their careers to the present. No judgement here; we play all sorts of things!! Make your move sucka.


Gettin Groovy with Mr. P(resident)

DJ Grassy Knoll and DJ Lady Kennedy
[Claire Joffe and Jackie Knoll]

Music from the presidency of our nationís greatest PILF, JFK.


Full House

DJ Tanner
[Ian Iverson]

A funky electronic adventure through generations of disco, electro, and house.


Oh Canada! Deux

DJ Plumtree
[Kyle Amato]

Oh Canada! returns to the airwaves with a vengeance! Brand new music from independent Canadian artists for your listening pleasure. Oh Canada! Dux is sure to appeal to your northern sensibilities. Donít forget your maple syrup.


High Pony Folk

Emma and Michaela
[Emma McCully and Michaela Kerxhalli]

All types of folk for all types of folks



DJ Snax
[Anne Estey]

Everything from classic to modern, hip hop to folk. Itís music to my ears and hopefully to yours, too.



[Cody DeFalco]

Music that can't be placed into a single restrictive category. Always read the label, never believe it.


Queen Beats

DJ Hairflip
[Sydney Lea]

Treat your ears to royalty. Queen Beats showcases only the best of female musicians across genres, styles, and decades. From Ella to Aretha and Loretta to Beyonce, these reigning divas will keep you coming back week after week for their golden vocals.


Naturally Newport

Bo Knows
[Boaz Saidman]



In Reel Time

DJ Dorthvader
[Dorothea Trufelman]

Travel through the decades with the best movie soundtracks. Each week will focus on a different year in film and play the best of their songs.


Alphabet Crunch

DJ Junior and DJ Nickelface
[Joe Marto and John Crisan]

The cheesiest alphabet breakfast cereal soup with a crunch of hot sauce in every bite. We choose our favorite letter from our weekly spoonful and only bring you the best jams starting with that letter.


Random Chaos

[John Clark]

Two hours of random chaosÖ Rock from the 1960s to now.


The Cloud Forest

DJ Velvet Elvis
[Lena Bilik]

Songs that make you go 'mmmmm'.