Joga FM

DJ Tekkers and DJ One Nil
[Brennan Mitrola & Tim Spenser]

Missed this weeks results and highlights? Don't know what team to use in FIFA? Need to expand your spotify? Two lads discuss the beautiful game, wind eachother up, and play tunes. What more could you want?



DJ Doorsock
[Olivia Morfit]

Whether your a freshman with 2 roommates to kick out, or married with 3.7 kids and a mini van, this radio station will get the panties dropping and the affirmative consents granted.


Psychedlic Obscura

DJ Night Tripper
[Finley Tevlin]

Psychedelic Obscura with DJ Night Tripper is a weekly mind-opening experience boasting pychedellic rarities from the experimental, to the down right strange, plus a selection of groovy new favorites. Tune in every other show for exclusive all vinyl shows as well as far out guest stars bringing their own special mixture of curiosities. No one listening will ever be the same.


The Hoarder's Corner

DJ BenWetherbee
[Ben Wetherbee]

Craving the sounds of Old Time, cajun, roots, and more? Wondering if that is even legal? Then tune into the Hoarder's Corner.


Rooted in the Blues

DJ Diddley Boo
[Zac Transport]

Let's go back in time, to a simpler, sadder palce; a world where you go down to the corner store to buy a coke for a nickel; time time of the blues. This musical journey will show the roots of blues music and will open your ears to sweet music deeply rooted in the blues.



DJ Bogart
[Alex Edelstein]

Pinpoint is a show dedicated to DIY music scenes. Each week, we will feature a different scene, and showcase bands from said scene from underground local acts to bigger names.


Herbal Remedy

DJ Green Tea
[Connor Batsimm]

A smooth, nourishing blend of new indie, rock, folk, and hip-hop, straight from the Skidmore hotbox mixed with less current but no less awesome tunes from the music library of DJ Green Tea.


Traphouse Blues

DJ Saajay
[Sara Jog]

Hi-hats, fire and a whole lot of bass, if electronica is your called or you got the blues, come join me at the traphouse :)



DJ Nick-Slip and DJ Walka-Flok
[Walker Gawande & Nick Acosta]

Couple of brown brothers dropping some dope fire and bumpin' beats--tune in for some face-melting heat. There will be serious beef--no vegans.


Music You Can Do Things To

DJ Salt & DJ Vinegar
[Greer Cohen & Margo Mathhews]

We provide the perfect soundtrack for all the crazy things you do :)


Regeneration X

DJ Quest
[Markus Messore]

Welcome back to another season of Regeneration X, WSPN's longest running 90's rock show!


Radio Show #4

DJ Psymon Spine
[Simon Klein]

2 hours of music interspered with 2 PSAs per hour at regular irregular intervals after the completion of music. Music played is 50% of the new variety and 10% that fit the format of previous songs. This show will be played weekly from mid September to mid December.