Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

DJ Moan & DJ Groan
[Claire Jeffe & Jacqueline Knoll]

Songs to get you through those lonely winter nights. Remember, consent matters.


The Realm of Rock

DJ Saajay
[Sara Jog]

As a connoisseur of rock music, I plan to have a good melange of soft rock and classic rock. Feel free to hit me up with any preferred songs you might want to request. Long live rock'n'roll!.



[Alex Macphee]

A look at alternative hip hop through the ages. From landmark albums to cool stuff from Bandcamp, it's all here.


33 1/3

RDJ Cosmo Monkhouse
[Robb Brown]

Classic records dissected by influence; snap crackle and pop included.


Naturally Newport

Bo Knows
[Boaz Saidman]

Get in touch with the finest of Americana with Naturally Newport to your ear throughout the whole year.


Culture Shock

DJ Sassy Cherub & DJ Swissmiss
[Connor Batsimm & Andy Donaldson]

Expand your musical horizons from the relative comfort of your own bed! Culture shock brings you eclectic noise from around the world.


Water Cereal

DJ Bluto
[Kove Janeski]

Visiting genres from rap to country!


Under the Influence

Wee Mahoney & Ginger Spice
[Julia Mahony & Hailey Gordon]

As self-professed anglophiles, our show is focused on music from the UK during the 60s (British Invasion) and the music that influenced those artists. From Motown to Londontown, we'll cross the atlantic ocean to find the hippest tunes that'll make you groove!


High Pony Funk

DJ Emma & DJ Michael
[Emma McCully & Michaela Kerxhalli]

All kinds of folk for all types of folks!


Mood Music

DJ Amazing Grace & DJ Special K
[Grace L'Heureux & Katie Cuthbert]

Get in tune with your mood as you tune in to Mood Music. We explore a range of genres to convey a new mood each week.


Sweezy And Friends After Dark

DJ Clueless, Sweezthreepio, & DJ Grenges
[Connor Crawford, David Sweexy, & Graeme Gengres]

Playing only the freshest of grooves, deepest of cuts, bumpiest of bumpables from all the jazz, alternative, and hip hop artists you loved. At night.