Marrakesh Express

DJ Cheddar & Neonsoup
[Rachel Ajamie & Matt Gaydar]

An African bus trip


The Folk Singer's Guidebook

[Graham Turner]

The earliest Folk musicians to hit the airwaves. Artists from the start of the 20th century that inspired Greats such as Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.


Luke, I am your DJ

Megan & Laura
[Megan Macomber & Laura McCullagh]

With songs inspired by a feature film each week, listeners are invited to follow along and guess the movie before the program ends and the title is announced. Trivia and fun facts pertaining to the film throughout the show.


Off The Beaten Track

DJ Jack Mullet
[Jack Mullin]

A detailed account of lesser known songs and albums, as well as the collaborations which brought them into creation. We will travel to various areas across the U.S. and the U.K. to attempt to document music which would be otherwise obscure to the average listener.


Soundscapes (noun)

DJ Jaguar Daddy & DJ KTBubblezz
[Katy Pugliese & Maddy Morency]

Music that creates an immersive environment. Focusing on a new environment each week, we will pick songs that make you feel like you are in a specific place.


Hot Stuff!!!

Ruvia & DJ M2Thray
[Caroline Smith & Maxwell Weiger]

Always bold. Never cold. So you’ve been told


Band of Brothers

DJ Nick & DJJ
[Nick Sobel & Jay Sobel]

Dj Nick and DJJ experience/examine the fraternal bond with fraternal bands. Exploring the history of brotherly bands and how brotherhood can create through conflict.


Space Chief and Gold Travolta vs. the Radio!

Gold Travolta & The Space Chief
[Adrian Alfonso & Christopher Van Natten]

A journey into the soundscapes of your favorite science fiction universes. Exploring a range of music from film scores to video game soundtracks. Let the Space Chief and Gold Travolta take you on an epic adventure through time, space, the dimensions of sound, and the far regions of awesomeness.


Scrambled Eggs & Wobbly Legs

Big Daddy Giblets & DJ VEEJAY
[Aaron Smith & Vinny Jessel]

Is your current radio provider not satisfying your every need? Look no further than Scrambled Eggs & Wobbly Legs. Funk, Motown and Soul to get you dancing & romancing. Finest hours of funk in Saratoga, Brother.


Love Potion #9

DJ However & Foxy Cleopatra

The British are coming! The British are coming! An hour dedicated to the music of the 1960's British Invasion.


Jazz 2K

J Hunter

Jazz ain't dead! (It ain't even sick!) The future of Jazz is right here, right now, and it goes to 11!


Pink Tide!!!

Sailor Mars
[Leslie Velasquez]

Surfing sound waves of tropical trash


Dial Off

[Veronica Monroe]

Turn on, Tune in, Dial off