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Frequently Asked Questions

(Please note: These answers are specific to the Summer Dance Workshop. If you are registered for or interested in another program, please check that program's Web site or contact the Program Coordinator).

May I register to take the workshop part-time?
Space is limited in the workshop, so we ask that all participants register for the full program.

Is there a placement audition at the start of the workshop?
Please note: This answer is subject to change depending on the size of the program enrollment.
Typically we ask that students assess themselves the first day of class. If any adjustments are necessary, the workshop faculty or staff will speak to the dancers individually.

If I register to take the program for college credit, will my credits transfer?
Students may choose to register for undergraduate credit. Credits received from Skidmore College are transferrable, but students will want to investigate how these credits apply toward completion of their degrees.

Where is the closest airport?
Albany International Airport in Colonie, New York, is the closest airport. It is approximately 45 minutes from campus.

Can I get a ride to campus from the airport or bus station?
We are unable to offer transportation services to everyone; therefore you must find your own way to campus. Please refer to the Travel Information Guide located in the "Guest Information" section of the Dean of Special Programs Web site for information.

Are the dormitory rooms single or double occupancy?
We do our best to offer participants 18 and older single rooms. If space is limited, we will house participants in a double room with a roommate of the same gender and age. Registered participants may request specific roommates.

Is cooking allowed in the dormitories?
Cooking is not allowed in the dormitories. Participants staying on campus must purchase the College's board (meal) plan for the duration of their stay.

May I bring a small refrigerator for my room?

Should I bring my computer?
College dorm rooms are equipped with broadband online service but require an Ethernet cable to connect. Wireless service is available with a username and password that will be given to you at registration. Further information is provided in the Summer Information Guide.

What else should I bring?
Materials for accepted applicants will be posted on the program Web site in the spring. Please refer to the posted packing list for items specific to the program.

Can participants live off campus?
Participants can live off campus if they wish, though finding reasonably priced, temporary housing in Saratoga Springs can sometimes be a challenge. The local newspaper, The Saratogian, has information on summer rentals in the Classified section.

Will I perform during the workshop?
It is expected that students will perform the last week of the program (specific time and details to be announced). Family and friends are encouraged to attend, and participants can plan to check out and leave campus after the Friday performance and final reception if they wish.

Will the company perform during the workshop?
The Martha Graham Dance Company is scheduled to perform at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center the evening of June 12. Tickets and transportation will be provided to registered workshop participants. Additional information and tickets are available at

What do we do in the evening and on weekends?
The program's Resident Assistant (with input from the participants) plans events on evenings and weekends. In addition to the company's performance, past activities have included outings to the National Museum of Dance, Lake George beach and outlets, shopping malls. Other weekday activities might include massage night, pizza & movie night, social dancing, bowling, and BBQ picnics.

Is a car necessary?
It is not necessary to have a car while staying on campus. Participants can walk to all areas of the campus easily, and downtown Saratoga Springs is only a 10-minute walk down Broadway. The College provides transportation for all off-campus program activities.

Is there a recommended place for my family and friends to stay when they drop me off or pick me up?
The Saratoga Springs Chamber of Commerce Web site is a good resource for local hospitality and entertainment.