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Frequently Asked Questions

(Please note: These answers are specific to the Summer Theater Workshop. If you are registered for, or interested in another program please check that program website or contact our office). 

Who is eligible for the workshop?
The curriculum is designed for pre-professional and professional artists with the goal of helping artists integrate new influences from other disciplines into their work. It is not an introductory theater training program. The applicant pool varies from year-to-year, but typically applicants range in age from upper-level undergraduate students to seasoned professionals in the field.

Who reviews my application?
The SITI Company and Skidmore College review all program and scholarship applications.

When will I hear about my acceptance into the program?
It is expected that applicants will be notified via e-mail on or before April 1. A wait list for entrance to the program will be established. If an accepted candidate cannot participate in the program as expected, another applicant will be accepted from the wait list. For a number of reasons (injury, family emergency, etc.) this might happen any time prior to the start of the Workshop. Please do not call the office to inquire about your status in the program or placement on the wait list – you will be notified immediately by e-mail and/or phone and then by mail if a place in the Workshop becomes available.

I'm an international student; do I really need a student visa?
In accordance with U.S. Federal regulations, all non-U.S. Citizens must have a student visa to study in the United States. There are no exceptions. Because this process can be somewhat time-consuming we ask that you read the information provided to international students on the program website and submit the application WITH your workshop application materials. If accepted into the workshop, our office will then send you the I-20 Certificate necessary to take to your consulate to obtain the visa.

Where is the closest airport?
Albany International Airport in Albany, New York is the closest airport. It is approximately 45 minutes away from campus. International students will most likely be arriving at the New York City airports.

Can I get a ride to campus from the airport or bus station?
We are unable to offer transportation services to everyone; therefore you must find your own way to campus. Please refer to the Travel Information Guide located in the "Guest Information" section of the Special Programs website for information. Accepted candidates will be provided a link to an electronic ride share board close to the start of the workshop.

International students arriving in New York City should plan to take a train or bus to Saratoga Springs. The Amtrak train leaves from Penn Station in New York City and participants should choose to arrive at either the Albany/Rensselear or Saratoga Springs station. The Albany/Rensselear station is approximately 45 minutes from Saratoga Springs and the Saratoga Springs train station is five minutes from campus; in both instances participants should plan on taking a taxi to campus. The Greyhound bus line services Saratoga Springs. Please consult the program website for more travel directions.

Are the dormitory rooms single, or double occupancy?
We do our best to offer participants aged 18 and older single rooms. If space is limited, we will house participants in a double room with a roommate of the same gender and age. Registered participants may request specific roommates.

Is cooking allowed in the dormitories?
Cooking is NOT allowed in the dormitories. Participants staying on campus must purchase the College's board (meal) plan for the duration of their stay.

May I bring a small refrigerator for my room?

What else should I bring?
Please refer to the packing list in your acceptance packet or check the website for items specific to the program.

Can participants live off campus?
Participants may choose to live off campus if they wish although it is NOT RECOMMENDED for this program. Living on your own and finding time to shop and cook amidst the Workshop's intense schedule can be difficult and finding reasonably-priced, temporary housing in Saratoga Springs can be a challenge. If you do decide to live off campus, the local newspaper, The Saratogian has information on summer rentals in the Classified Section.

Are classes held in the evenings and weekends?
Yes. Participants are expected to attend all classes during the day and rehearsals, master classes, discussions and symposiums will be held during the evenings and weekends. If you must leave campus for any reason please notify the Workshop staff as soon as possible.

Is a car necessary?
It is not necessary to have a car while staying on campus. Participants can walk to all areas of the campus easily and downtown Saratoga Springs is only a 10-minute walk down Broadway. If you are able to bring one, a bicycle is particularly useful. The College provides transportation for all off-campus program activities.

Will participants perform during the workshop?
The program culminates in a final student showing of work generated during the program. Student showings are held the final Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m. Friends and family are welcome to attend although participants will not know for certain which night they perform until close to the last week of the workshop.

Is there a recommended hotel or motel for my friends or family to stay when they drop me off or pick me up?
The Saratoga Springs Chamber of Commerce is a good resource for local hospitality and entertainment.