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SITI Summer Theater Workshop

Anne Bogart, Participant Symposium, 2015 Workshop
Anne Bogart, Participant Symposium, 2015 Workshop

Tuition, Fees, College Credit and Scholarships

A non-refundable application fee of $60 is required to apply. 

The 2016 SITI Summer Theater Workshop Fees are:

Scholarship Information

Requests for assistance are due by March 21, 2016.

The SITI Summer Workshop has a limited number of scholarships for students with promise who might not otherwise be able to attend the Workshop. Approximately 6 scholarships averaging $500 each will be awarded in the form of tuition remission.

To apply for a scholarship, please fax the following materials to Deb Amico at (518) 580-5548 at the time you submit your application. Requests MUST be received by the application due date in order to be considered.

All scholarship applications will be considered on an individual basis. Requests for financial aid will not affect admission decisions. For questions, please contact Maria McColl, Office of the Dean of Special Programs, Skidmore College, at 518-580-5595 or


Refund Policy

Application fees will not be refunded.

Because faculty and staff salary commitments must be made in advance and the costs of plant operations are fixed, the College must follow a very limited refund policy.  Details of this policy as it relates to tuition, room, and board follow.  Appeals for refunds due to extenuating circumstances may be made in writing to the Program Director or the Dean of Special Programs.

If Skidmore College cancels a program all fees will be refunded.


Undergraduate Credit

High school graduates, matriculated college students, and adults may register at no additional charge for three (3) semester hours of undergraduate credit from Skidmore College. For more information please consult the Skidmore College Catalog. Students registering for credit will be expected to comply with Skidmore's academic policies.