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Matt Bristol  Matt Bristol '17
Major: Political Science
“I work for BikeMore because I want to share the joy I get from the humble bicycle with everyone on campus.”
Zia O'Neill  Zia O'Neill '17
Major: Environmental Studies, Dance Minor
" I work for BikeMore because I enjoy working to make sure that everyone has equal access to free, sustainable transportation options and I also think that biking is the best way to get to explore the area around Skidmore and make new connections."

North Woods Stewards

Position Open

Skidmore Community Garden

Ruth Ferree Ruth Ferree '18
Major: Biology, English and Environmental Studies minor
“I love being the garden manager at Skidmore because I am able to learn both the agricultural aspects and business aspects of running a sustainable organic garden.”

Skidmore Compost

Maya Cohn Maya Cohn '17
Major: Environmental Studies
“Hi everyone, I’m Maya, and I’m one of this year’s Compost Managers! I started volunteering with Skidmore Compost freshman year, and I haven’t been able to stay away. What’s not to love about rotting food!?”
Ian Daly Ian Daly '18
Major: Environmental Studies
“Came to Compost trying to get involved on campus and watched a bag of nasty rotting broccoli turn into fresh dirt by the end of the semester. It's magic!"
Tracey Wingate Tracey Wingate '18
Major: Environmental Studies
“I love working as a compost manager because I get to help decrease the amount of waste sent to the landfill from Skidmore and talk to other students about why composting is awesome.”

Sustainability Representatives

Isabel Blumenthal Isabel Blumenthal '19
Major: Environmental Studies and Spanish
“I work in the Sustainability Office because of the amount of opportunities given and created by the supportive and hardworking persons within the department (student and faculty alike) to make and manage change toward a more a sustainable community at Skidmore College.”
Winnie Chien Winnie (Yuling) Chien '19
Major: Undeclared
“I work for Sustainability Office because I think it is a good opportunity to be educated with environmental issues and contribute to the community.”
Olivia Golden Olivia Golden '18
Major: Environmental Studies, Studio Art minor
“I work for the Sustainability Office because I enjoy collaborating with other students and planning initiatives that encourage people to love the earth!”
Patricia McGuire

Patricia McGuire '17
Major: Economics, Environmental Studies
“I work for the Sustainability Office because I have so much fun working with other people who are passionate about sustainability. I am constantly learning new things from my coworkers and opening my mind to different ways of achieving goals.”

Yesenia Olivares Yesenia Olivares '18
Major: Environmental Studies, Anthropology, and Spanish
“I work for the Sustainability Office because I feel passionate about the environment and sustainability efforts on campus, since having worked as one of the North Woods stewards this past summer, I have gained a tremendous appreciation for environmental outreach. I look forward to working with students and towards a more sustainable Skidmore community overall.”
Finley Tevlin Finley Tevlin '19
Prospective major: Environmental Studies/Philosophy
“I work at the Sustainability office because it's the least I can do for Mother Earth!”

Sustainable Dining Communications Managers

Carolyn Koestner

Carolyn Koestner '18
Major: Environmental Science"

I love working for the office because I am very passionate about sustainability and enjoy both applying my learning outside of the classroom and making an impact in my local community. This is my second semester working with the Sustainability Office, and I am so excited to continue working on our sustainable food."

Bryn Sarner Bryn Sarner '18
Major: Environmental Studies, International Affairs minor
"I have been an avid activist for the environment for as long as I can remember. I brought this passion with me to Skidmore, and after settling in, I knew that I wanted to make a difference on campus.  I am very passionate about the role food plays in sustainability, so I took my passion to the dining hall to start inquiring about sustainable food options. I soon found out that the Sustainability Office had the same vision for the dining hall. The Sustainability Office has been a great resource of support and guidance for me. Now as the Sustainable Dining Communications Manager, I am happily working with the dining hall to further our goal on sustainable dining and educating others on the importance of sustainability within our food choices."

Sustainable Food Interns

Greta Binzen Greta Binzen '19
Major/Interests: Math and Environmental Studies
"I'm working with the Sustainability Office because I love the Earth. Whether it's hiking, gardening or gazing at stars, I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Unfortunately, my day to day routine negatively impacts the planet; working with the Sustainability Office allows me the opportunity to support a cause I care about."
Gabi Mascarin
GabrielleMascarin '18
Major: Biology Major with interests in Ecology and Anthropology
"I joined the Sustainability Office because it provides an opportunity to gain skills that would help me become a stronger environmental advocate while promoting sustainability at Skidmore.  I'm passionate about food justice and having the opportunity to work with the dining hall to increase the institution's percentage of locally sourced food is an extraordinary experience."
Manuela Tauscher Manuela Tauscher '17
Major: Environmental Studies
"Working with the Sustainability Office has given me the chance to connect with all of the really awesome sustainability projects going on all over (and outside of) campus. My major interest is food justice and food sustainability, so working as the Sustainable Food Intern has been a valuable opportunity to effect change on campus through something I really believe in."