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Theater Department

The Theatre Department is a pre-professional program which offers students the opportunity to pursue the serious study of the theater arts within a liberal arts setting. Courses within the department afford training in the basic demands of the discipline — physical and vocal control, technique in acting and directing, technical and design skills — as well as the opportunity for advanced study, practical production experience, study abroad, and off-campus internships. The Skidmore liberal arts requirements help the student to understand the moral, intellectual, and political context in which any artist practices.

Unlike most liberal arts theater programs, students who major in Theater at Skidmore receive a Bachelor of Science degree. This reflects the fact that Theater is a pre-professional program. Out of the 120 college credits required for graduation, Theater students take a minimum of 41 credits in Theater and most students find themselves taking as many as 60 credits in theater. Typically, in a 120 credit Bachelor of Arts program students take 30-36 credits in theater and in a Bachelor of Fine Arts (conservatory) program, students take 90 credits in theater.

We believe that the best possible education for a theater artist is to combine serious theater training with a rich and well-rounded liberal arts education. At Skidmore, Theatre majors fulfill their choices for all-college liberal arts requirements, enjoy intensive theater training, and still have room for a variety of electives.