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Requirements for a major in theater are:

  1. The following nine courses: TH 103, TH 129, TH 130TH 140, TH 229, TH 230, TH 235, TH 250, and TH 335;

  2. At least one course in dramatic literature: EN 215, EN 225, EN 343, EN 345, EN 346, EN 359; FF 318; FG 356; FS 321; or CC 222, CC 223. Other courses may be acceptable with permission of the department;

  3. TH 333, TH 334, or TH 341;

  4. TH 376 (Class of 2012 and beyond); and

  5. 18 additional semester hours in the Theater Department.

Areas of concentration: The following is a recommended sequence of study in each area.

Acting: TH 101, TH 104TH 198, TH 203, TH 204, TH 211, TH 242, TH 303, TH 304

Directing: TH 104, TH 140, TH 203, TH 204, TH 333, TH 375

Design and Technical Theater: TH 216, TH 228 or TH 238, TH 305, TH 337; AR 131, AR 133


WRITING REQUIREMENT IN THE MAJOR: The development of excellent written communication skills is essential for all theater artists and all theater students are expected to be able to demonstrate these skills. Students in theater will fulfill the Department's writing requirement by (a) completing TH 103 - Introduction to Theater and (b) completion of the theater capstone course TH 376 - Senior Project. Through these requirements students will demonstrate the ability to think critically, organize arguments, and write clearly.

Interdepartmental Major

In conjunction with the Department of Dance, the Theater Department offers a major in dance-theater. See Interdepartmental Majors.

See Theater