Board of Trustees

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The Skidmore College Board of Trustees has authorized seats for 35 voting members, 31 of whom are elected by the trustees themselves upon the recommendation of the Trusteeship Committee. Four members are elected in conjunction with the Skidmore College Alumni Association. The president of the College and the president of the alumni association are ex-officio members. Each elected member serves a four-year term, except for Young Alumni Trustees, who serve two-year terms. Officers are elected each year; new terms begin June 1. Emeritus status is conferred upon eligible retired members by vote of the board. The full board typically meets in October, February, and May each year. Specific committees may meet throughout the year as necessary.

The responsibilities of the board are met through the action and recommendation of the standing committees. These include the Executive, Academic Affairs, Trusteeship, and Audit committees. Other committees cover investment, budget and finance, infrastructure, special programs, advancement and communities, strategic planning, and student life and admissions.

Candidates for trusteeship usually come from among the alumni, parents, and friends of Skidmore who have demonstrated their commitment to the College's goals through interest in and support of the institution and its programs.

Trustees 2013-14

Jonathan P. Achenbaum '77
Alumni Association Trustee
New Canaan, Connecticut
Harry L. Alverson '73
Boston, Massachusetts
Susan Gottlieb Beckerman '67
New York, New York
Rosemary Bourne '60
Oyster Bay, New York
Jonathan R. Brestoff-Parker  '08
Agnes Gelinas Young Alumni Trustee
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Charles B. Buchanan
Glenmont, New York
David A. Castle '87
Secretary of the Board
New York, New York
Gail M. Dudack '70
President, Alumni Association
Mount Vernon, New York
Terry Thomas Fulmer '76
Boston, Massachusetts
Philip A. Glotzbach
President of the College
Saratoga Springs, New York
Nancy W. Hamilton '77
Alumni Association Trustee
Houston, Texas
Andrew F. Hughes '92
Alumni Association Trustee
Brooklyn, New York
John W. Humphrey
Boston, Massachusetts
Maxine Isaacs '69
Vice Chair of the Board
Washington, DC
Linda Jackson-Chalmers '73
Albany, New York
William L. Ladd '83
Los Angeles, California
Richard A. Laxer '83
London, England
Maria P. Markowitz
New York, New York
David P. Marks
West Hartford, Connecticut
Scott M. Martin '79
Vice Chair of the Board
Aspen, Colorado
Elliott Masie
Saratoga Springs, New York
W. Scott McGraw
Short Hills, New Jersey
Antonio Mojica '02
Henry C. Galant Young Alumni Trustee
Houston, Texas
Barbara Kahn Moller '78
London, England
John S. Morris
Hamilton, New York
Suzanne Corbet Thomas '62
Vero Beach, Florida
Wilma Stein Tisch '48
New York, New York
Linda G. Toohey
Chair of the Board
Saratoga Springs, New York
Julianne Cartwright Traylor '68
Oakland, California
Robert Weisbuch
Montclair, New Jersey

Board Administrator
Jeanne M. Sisson
(518) 580-5664