Help For Web Editors

Help For Web Editors

OU Campus is the content management system that Skidmore College uses to allow for commonality across Skidmore webpages, while still giving individual users a great deal of choice in how they present information inside the templates provided.  Users have control of their content, without the learning curve associated with Dreamweaver or other web editing means.

OmniUpdate's OU Campus product is currently deployed by over 500 universities world-wide.  They are considered a leading CMS provider for higher education.

Support for OU Campus editors is found on this site.  We offer short training/refresher videos, FAQ's to address common questions, status update on upgrade requests, and a self-help version of the Beginner Training class.

OU v10 Trainings

New Beginner User Trainings (via WebEx or recording)

There are two ways to complete OU training. You must complete one or the other version before you are given a login to OU Campus. If you request a login before completing training, it will not be given until after training is completed.

There is no advance sign up for online training sessions.
Attendance will be taken at each WebEx session for purposes of documenting attendance.

  • Student workers are welcome to take training sessions, but the staff administrator will be responsible for providing direct supervision and assistance. Student accounts are valid for one semester only - you must renew them each semester or they are deleted. 

  • Sessions on advanced topics (forms, photo galleries) are offered on an as-needed basis through WebEx, or via 1-on-1 appointments.

Find the list of sessions on the Beginner Training page.