Help For Web Editors

Forms - Advanced Topic

Forms in OU Campus are an advanced topic for experienced site editors.  Please read through all of the lessons in this section before working on your own forms. If you have any questions at all, please contact a member of the web team for help.  A broken form cannot be recovered, it has to be deleted and recreated - save time and effort with an early consultation.

With thanks to WKU's online forms help, and the OU Campus LDP forms help documentation.


Live Delivery Platform's (LDP) Forms feature allows users to easily create and manage forms and polls. Users will create a Managed Form Asset, which can then be inserted into the appropriate web page(s). When creating a form, the user can use any of six available elements in combination.

While setting up the form you will have the ability to have the form submissions emailed to you and/or stored in a database.  By default all form submissions are stored in a database for retrieval as a .csv file (which opens in Excel.)

We have also built in a few special codes within the forms so you will have the ability to customize the appearance of your form to some degree.

ADA Compliance and Forms

It is important to remember that all forms must be accessible by text readers for the visually impaired.  Do not use available fields in non-standard ways to try to "space" your form or "add design" to it.  A text reader for the visually impaired will try to read and access those fields as though they were actually present in the form, which will result in inability to fill out the form properly.  Forms that are discovered to be non-accessible for ADA compliance may be modified at the discretion of Web Operations.

Important Notes