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Creating a Form and Fields

Create a Form | Add Fields | Validation/error messages for fields

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Create A Form

 To create a new customized form for your site, click on the Content tab in the top left corner, and then choose Assets.

Assets tab

On the Assets page, click New, and choose to create a New Managed Form.

 Asset - Form Selection

 The basic information page for a new form will then load.  You will be required to name your form, and provide the messages that a user gets when either submitting successfully or submitting with an error in the form.

Form - Filling out the action fields


At this point, click Save, to preserve what you've done so far.  You'll be taken out the screen where you can choose to Edit again, or Publish.  Click edit and come back into the form to continue with the next step: creating the form fields. 

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Adding Fields to Your Form

To add fields to your form, click the "New Element" button in the lower left of the form editing screen.  A new field will be placed on the form, and you can then choose the type, and set the characteristics of the field.

Form field types

Types of Fields

Each field type you select will have different information for you to fill in.  The screenshot below has been slightly edited so that all of the fields are visible without overlapping.


Choose all of the fields for your form, and enter only the simple one word label name for each, and then click save.  Then you can go back in and edit the Label to be more descriptive, add in requirements, defaults, and validations.  Save often while working on a form!


Filling in Field details

Single Line Text Field

Radio Button Field details

Radio Button fields

Radio buttons are made required by clicking one of the radio buttons in the form editor, so you won't see a separate "Required" checkbox here.

You simply add your label, and then click "New Radio Button" to add your option list, and type in the text. You can then move your options up or down in the list if you're not satisfied with the order (using the green up/down buttons.)

All of the other fields are similar to these two - explore your options and see which fields work best for what you are trying to collect from your users.

Explore the Tips and Tricks section for ways to group your fields, and add section labels.


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Form Results Email Preview

Forms can be set up to send emails to the form owner(s) and to the form user (as a receipt).  However, you have to format the email fields properly to ensure that the emails will be processed by the server and sent out as you expect them to be. 

1) You should make your email field required. Otherwise, the form user may choose not to fill it out, and then the form confirmation emails will not be sent.

2) You should validate that the information entered is a full email address.  Otherwise, the script cannot process it and the form confirmation emails will not be sent.  You can do this with the Validation drop down, and by using some prompting text in the Label area.

Your Email Address (


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