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In July 2015, the Memoriam Archive was taken out of the news systems and given it's own area within the retirees site. Below is instructions on how to setup a new Memoriam article and troubleshoot existing articles. These instructions assume you have basic knowlege of OU Campus and how to navigate it.

You must have access to the retirees section of the website in order to add a Memoriam article, if you do not have access, contact the web team.

Creating New Article | Updating Existing Article  | Tags List


Walkthrough of creating a new article

Step 1) Log into OU Campus and navigate to the /retirees/memoriam/ folder.

Memoriam FAQ - Folder


Step 2) Navigate to the folder that you wish to enter your article. Each folder is broken up into a single year, most likely you will be entering in the current year but if you are entering archive items, you my go a previous year folder.

Step 3) Once inside the folder, click the green NEW button near the upper left corner and select the Memoriam Page template.

Memoriam - Template


Step 4) Fill in the required fields for the template. 

Memoriam - New


Step 5) If you didn't add the text in the Story Text from the previous step, you can do this now by click on the green Edit button. Add the text and images that you wish to have and press save when you are finished.

Memoriam - Edit


Step 6) Publish the page - click on the green Publish button near the top of the page. A pop up will ask  you to enter a Version description. You can enter in something like "First Publish". Click the Green publish button again and OU will publish the page.

Memoriam - Publish

Congratulations, the memoriam article has been posted.


Tips for updating an existing Memoriam article

When editing a an existing Memoriam article, the biggest thing to remember is that the article / page and the RSS Feed are two seperate areas that need updating on their own. So make a change to one, you may need to make a change to the other.

The reason that their is an RSS feed is because we are using this like a database to be able to sort and filter through when displaying the memoriam articles on the main memoriam page. Then when the user clicks on an article, it is reading the article / page. 

Updating the article/page is just like updating any other page within OU Campus, navigate to the page, check out the page and click edit. Then you can add / edit / remove any text or images that you wish. Be sure to save and publish it when you are finished. This information is covered in teh OU Campus Training Class but if you need help with this, please contact the web team.

Updating the RSS feed is slightly different and something that is not covered in OU Campus Training Class. 

Step 1) Log into OU and navigated to the file that you wish to update.

Step 2) Check out the file and hover over the Edit button and click RSS.

Memoriam - Edit RSS


Step 3) Click on the Name

Memoriam - Edit RSS


Step 4) Edit each of the properties

Memoriam - Edit Props.


Step 5) Once you have saved it,  you'll need to rebuild the RSS by clicking on the grey Rebuild Feed button near the upper left. It will ask you if you are sure, click the blue Publish feed button. 

 Memoriam - Rebuild


Congratulations, you have updated the RSS feed. 




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